Gerald Levert Albums

  • In My Songs Album (2/13/2007)
    In My Songs
    I Don't Get Down Like That
    DJ Don't
    Wanna Get Up With You
    Fall Back
    Deep As It Goes
    Hang In There
    What Cha Think About That
    To My Head
    Is This Way To Heaven?

  • Voices Album (10/4/2005)
    That's the Way I Feel About You
    Hurts Too Much to Stay
    All The Times
    Wind Beneath My Wings
    Written All Over Your Face
    So Alone
    That's What Love Is
    A Rose By Any Other Name
    I Believe I Can Fly
    My Side of the Bed

  • Do I Speak for the World Album (11/30/2004)
    Interlude/Speak 4 the World
    Greater Later
    Lay U Down (Make It Right)
    Talk It Out
    Was What It Was
    Duty Calls
    One Million Times
    What Happened to the Love
    So What
    Where Do We Go
    Click A Glass
    Closing Interlude

  • Stroke of Genius Album (10/28/2003)
    1st Stroke
    Knock Knock Knock
    Long Hot Summer
    Stroke Of Genius
    (They Long To Be) Close To You
    I Got A Girl
    U Got That Love
    Wear It Out
    Good Morning
    Keep It Warm
    Didn't We
    To My Grave
    Let It Be
    The Visit [Interlude]
    Eyes And Ears
    Rest Of Your Life
    You Got That Love Again
    Won't Give Up
    Last Stroke

  • Gerald's World Album (9/18/2001)
  • G Album (3/7/2000)
  • Love & Consequences Album (7/21/1998)
  • Groove On Album (10/1/1995)
  • Private Line Album (10/1/1991)

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    Reviews about Gerald Levert albums

    Eyes and Ears | Reviewer: Nikki James
        ------ About the album Stroke of Genius performed by Gerald Levert

    Whole Cd is the bomb but eyes and ears is the cut because relationships be making u feel the way gearld and his brother be feeling.My favorite of the song is when his brother says"If u wont let me take her out at least let me freak her out".Men really been feeling that way....

    My vaverate songs of Gerald Levert | Reviewer: Phindisela
        ------ About the album G-Spot performed by Gerald Levert

    just love the whole album his music sound great and the man himself is very inspiring..I can listen to his music all day..his music never dies!! we miss him! and he will aways sing in our hearts....Phindi

    Deep As It Goes Lyrics | Reviewer: RBB
        ------ About the album In My Songs performed by Gerald Levert

    This has now become one of my faorite Gerald Levert songs. I have always said that Gerald Levert is probably a great lover, just from the lyrics in his songs, and the lyrics in this song is no exception. I love this song.

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