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Lil' Wayne Georgia... Bush Lyrics

Last updated: 05/13/2010 11:00:00 AM

This song right here, is dedicated to the president of the United States of America
Y'all might know him as George Bush
But where I'm from, lost city of New Orleans... we call him this

[Ray Charles sample:] Georgia.........

This song is dedicated to the one wit the suit
Thick white skin and his eyes bright blue
So called beef wit you know who
Fuck it he just let him kill all of our troops
Look at the bullshit we been through
Had the niggas sitting on top they roofs
Hurricane Katrina, we should've called it Hurricane (Georgia) Bush
Then they telling y'all lies on the news
The white people smiling like everything cool
But I know people that died in that pool
I know people that died in them schools
Now what is the survivor to do?
Got to no trailer, you gotta move
Now it's on to Texas and to (Georgia)
They tell you what they want, show you what they want you to see
But they don't let you know what's really going on
Make it look like a lot of stealing going on
Boy them cops is killers in my home
Nigga shot dead in the middle of the street
I ain't no thief, I'm just trying to eat
Man fuck the police and president (Georgia) Bush
So what happened to the levees, why wasn't they steady
Why wasn't they able to control this?
I know some fok' that live by the levee
that keep on telling me they heard the explosions
Same shit happened back in Hurricane Betsy
1965, I ain't too young to know this
That was President Johnson but now
but it's president (Georgia) Bush

[Chorus - 2X]
We from a town where (Georgia)
Everybody drowned, and
Everybody died, but baby I'm still praying which ya
Everybody crying but (Georgia)
Ain't nobody tried, there's no doubt on my mind it was (Georgia) Bush

I was born in the boot at the bottom of the map
New Orleans baby, now the white house hating, trying to wash away like we not on the map
Wait, have you heard the latest, they saying you gotta have paper if you trying to come back
Niggas thinking it's a wrap, see we can't hustle in they trap, we ain't from (Georgia)
Now it's them dead bodies, them lost houses, the mayor say don't worry 'bout it
And the children have been scarred, no one's here to care 'bout 'em
And fash out, to all the rappers that helped out
Yea we like it they calling y'all, but fuck president (Georgia) Bush
We see them Confederate flags, you know what it is
A white cracker motherfucker that probably voted for him
And no he ain't gonna drop no dollars, but he do drop bombs
R.I.P. Tay cause he died in the storm, fuck president (Georgia) Bush
See us in ya city man, give us a pound
Cause if a nigga still moving then he holding it down
I had two Jags, but I lost both them bi-tch-es
I'm from N.O. the N.O. Yea!


([DJ Drama:] oh yea, you thought we was done? Naw)

Money money money get a dollar and a dick
Weezy Baby that crack, motherfucker get a fix
Got money out the ass, no homo but I'm rich
Bout to go get surgery and put some diamonds on my wrist YES
Yep, I'm a motherfucking trip
I'ma trip to Japan and buy some brand new shit
Nine hundred to a grand, get you twenty eight grams
If you talking 'bout bricks, I'm the interstate man
And the women say damn, them niggas don't say a damn thing
Boy I bet that shotty make you bounce like a bed-spring
Walking a thin line, gotta defend mine
And wit no pen I'm sorta like a bomb BOOM
Young toon, yea that's what my people call me
Fifty thousand for the cross, trying to keep the reaper off me
I drink a lot of syrup, bitches say I'm sleep walking
Big money for the grill, so I'm never cheap talking, yea
Keep talking and the flame leap off the hip
And keep sparking, pap pap sleep softly
Yea, nap nap, nap sack, three forties
Like fuck another nigga, nigga just don't be the target
Young New Orleans nigga, nigga just don't be retarded
We done lost everything and you looking like a bargain
Purple weed, purple drink, purple heart sergeant
I'm the best rapper in the game no arguing (arguing)

And I don't even write, pause
Un-pause this, so keep ya bitch ass lines inside the margin
Lil Wayne dot com bitch log in
Put a pillow under your knees and keep ya jaws in
All in ya girl mouth, use her like a toilet
They usually want a baller and the young nigga balling
Mike Jordan, pardon my swaggy
Even my father rich as fuck and all my brothers left the family
We said fuck it bought two houses in Miami
I can't wait to do cribs, MTV c'mon get at me
Any rapper wan get at me, tell ya label contact me
Half four hundred for a feature, wanna battle, I'll beat ya
I'm a beast, I'm a creature, I'm the son of miss cita
My dukes, my jeter, she the reason, she the reason
Everybody woman wanna beat a boy diva, not even
There's a 305 dime I wanted ever since I seen her
Got a topic of this evening, hotter than a tub steaming
Gotcha girlfriend dreaming of one day being Trina
Notta sip seemer, ten ki's in the Beamer
Got a white girl driving, couldn't do it much cleaner
I'm fly in the sky like that motherfucking ribbon
Bitches got my name on em, and the nigga still living
Spend a condo and a club, one bottle won't do
Two bottles won't do, bottles for the whole crew, thanks
And bring me that Patrone, I don't play
No ice I like my drink straight, not gay
And bitch that bank come everyday, I'm paid
I wish a nigga come invade, get sprayed
I stomp a nigga out like I got ten legs
Then they fish the nigga up out the lake in ten days
Behave, no ho, I'm on that Rage Rov
Cash Money, Young Money, ho that money age old
And can't a cage hold this animal from Hollygrove
Sorry mami I be stoned, I be, I be, I be blowed
Got me copy rock star, Weezy Baby fuck these hos
Gotta pay me now for me to even take these hos
Price sizing for a show and the flow
So either Drama is my nigga, or that boy got doe
Go figure that's my nigga, that's my nigga, my nerve
If anybody else want it, sixty thousand a verse

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think about | Reviewer: shay | 5/13/10

i agree with the others. it wasnt bush fault.. he really dont have to much power . he shouldve wrote georgia governer... and get over that event ..they knew what was going on...instead of trying to be all down for your town they shouldve left and use common sense..guess they forgot to use it

Dumbass | Reviewer: Courtney | 2/8/10

Lil Wayne is an Idiot. It wasn't George Bush's fault all those people died during Hurricane Katrina. I'm from Gulfport, Ms and Bush told them they were under emergency evalcuation a week before the hurricane hit, and they didn't get out. So it's their own damn fault. We had so much for damage than freakin New Orleans, but we were so much smarter than all those idiots down there. This song is just a cry for sympathy. And like Obama would have done anything different, seriously.

FUCK ignorance | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/10

alright, everyone needs to realize this; it was the governors fault and not bush's. even tho bush was a terrible president like prettymuch all of em have been since woodrow wilson(aka the guy who fucked our country by letting the central banking system, the federal reserve system become the banking system we use 2day) but is the governors fault mostly fer all the shit that happened. BUT, im still pretty damn sure that the leeves were blown up so the black/poorer neighborhoods got it worse bcuz the rich help the rich....

Georgia... Bush | Reviewer: clarissa | 10/30/09

Geez, people. It's a song and you're all clashing opinions over it. And whoever was saying "yeah george bush sucks ass but he didnt fuckin blow up New Orleans.... idiots. 'I know some fok' that live by the levee
that keep on telling me they heard the explosions'".

It's a metaphor... Explosions doesn't have to mean he blew it up. The sound of the water breaking through could be described as an explosion.

idiots. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/9/09

How many of you retards were there?
I was there for a month after Katrina, delivering food, water, ice and baby supplies all day long. The large transports rolled in all night and went out on helicopters and trucks all day.

Bush's fault people were on rooftops? How about looking forst at the people who live below sea level a few hundred yards from the gulf and decided not to leave. I live by the coast, too. We know how to evacuate. How about Ray "Do Nothing" Nagin? He doesn't care about Mew Orleans or its people. Wake up, New Orleans, you have the most corrupt local government in the country. I used to go to N.O. for vacation...I won't anymore until you demonstrate that you deserve my tourism dollars by not electing thugs anymore.
The responsibility for the people of New Orleans started with Nagin and his staff. If he can't handle it, he identifies EXACTLY what he needs and asks the governor for help. Did he? Look it up for yourself.
If the Governor can't handle it, he identifies SPECIFICALLY what he needs to the federal government. He doesn't sit around and falsely reassure the people of his state all will be okay and then panic when it's too late, saying "Send me everything you have!"
Your governor failed you miserably. Kathleen Blanco is an idiot.
All of you who think the federal government should have just taken over...did you ever take any classes about government in school? Posse Comitatus. Look it up. I'll wait. We were loaded up and waiting to leave before Katrina made landfall. Your governor failed to make the call soon enough. My convoy alone drove 24 hours straight to get there. Have you ever driven for 24 hours straight? We went to work immediately when we got to Gulfport. We were exhausted, but in better shape than the troops WHO WERE ALREADY THERE.
Keep in mind, the eye of the storm didn't pass over Louisiana. The eye came ashore over where the town of Waveland, MS once was. Waveland ceased to exist. Why is it that when I weny south of the tracks in Gulfport, people were working to rebuild just a couple days after landfall, but when I went west of Stennis into Louisiana, people were sitting there waiting for someone to do something for them?
There are two reasons. First, the difference in leadership...Gulfport and New Orleans had the same President and fared much differently. It's local and state leadership. Joe Spraggins (look him up. I'll wait) did an outstanding job on the coast and Gov Barbour did what he had to do, when he had to do it. Nagin and Blanco failed.

Take some responsibility for your own lives...the people of Gulfport, Long Beach, Biloxi, even Waveland where there was NOTHING left were working, cleaning, rebuilding. People west of Stennis were waiting, raping each other, blaming the government (blaming me) and shooting at Coast Guard helicopters and FEMA search dog teams.

THINK, people. Or, sit on your ass and listen to rappers tell you who to blame. Whichever.

stupid h0e's.! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/30/09

i l0ve h0w lil wayne is speaking ab0ut this because it's needed. y0u dumb h0e's wh0 d0n't think ge0rge bush was resp0nsible f0r hurricane katrina victims, he was because he was president at the time. he c0uld have ATLEAST did s0mething little 4 the vicims but he didn't even ackn0wledge the fact that there were people with noe food 0r shelter. they c0uldn't even get 0ff there r00f t0ps.! bush suck as president p0int blank peri0d. g0nee

nooo | Reviewer: iv gurl | 5/16/09

I thnk this song make alot of since but jus like my ela teacher say.....dnt say nutn if u dnt no wat u tlkn bout and dats all i hav 2 say 2 lil wayne
Like bush cant do evrythnq even though i didnt like him.....i understand dat lil wayne is sayn he culd use money 2 send ppl 2 war but he cnt re-supply stuf 4 n.o. Or ppl dat was n n.o. but idk dis is jus my opinion

george bush | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/9/08

it wasnt his responsiblity to save everyone in new orleans. it was the goveners job. and he failed miserably. the other hurrican tragidys had less lose of life because the state acted in time. New Orleans waited till the last few hours to act. Its a five step process before the responsibility is held by the president.
love this song though. it has a great beat. and I love the "Money money money" part.

idiot | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/15/08

you all are retarded for listening to lil wayne in any political sense. i like his music but he has no fuckin clue what he's talkin bout. yeah george bush sucks ass but he didnt fuckin blow up New Orleans.... idiots. "I know some fok' that live by the levee
that keep on telling me they heard the explosions"

Weezy f | Reviewer: Fuck anyone thinkin weezys homo | 12/6/07

lil wayne is the only reason raps alive. fuck anybody who thinks he homo you dont know shit about anybody savin your life. eh yo 50, your shit is some faggot ass rhymes made just to please people. weezy speaks shit the way he wants, he says what he wants, and most of all he doesnt give a shit about what people think. your just pissed cause you dont have a dad. hes a punk ass like you. weezy fuck u up kid.