George Thorogood And The Destroyers Albums

  • 2120 South Michigan Ave Album (6/14/2011)
    Hi-Heel Sneakers
    Seventh Son
    Let It Rock
    Two Trains Running (Still A Fool)
    Bo Diddley
    Mama Talk To Your Daughter
    Help Me
    My Babe
    Chicago Bound

  • The Dirty Dozen Album (7/28/2009)
    Tail Dragger
    Drop Down Mama
    Run Myself Out Of Town
    Howlin' For My Baby
    Highway 49
    Six Days On The Raod
    Treat Her Right
    Hello Little Girl
    Blue Highway

  • The Hard Stuff Album (5/30/2006)
    Hard Stuff
    Hello Josephine
    I Got My Eyes On You
    I Didn't Know
    Any Town USA
    Little Rain
    Love Doctor
    Dynaflow Blues
    Rock Party
    Drifter's Escape
    Give Me Back My Wig
    Takin' Care Of Business
    Huckle Up Baby

  • Ride 'Til I Die Album (3/25/2003)
    Greedy Man
    American Made
    Sweet Little Lady
    Don't Let The Bossman Get You Down
    Devil In Disguise
    She's Gone
    The Fixer
    You Don't Love Me, You Don't Care
    My Way
    That's It, I Quit
    I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water
    Ride 'Til I Die

  • Half A Boy And Half A Man Album (3/1/1999)
  • Rockin' My Life Away Album (3/25/1997)
  • Haircut Album (7/27/1993)
  • Boogie People Album (1/1/1991)
  • Born To Be Bad Album (2/1/1988)
  • Maverick Album (5/1/1985)
  • Bad To The Bone Album (9/1/1982)
  • More George Thorogood And The Destroyers Album (10/1/1980)
  • Better Than The Rest Album (9/1/1979)
  • Move It On Over Album (11/1/1978)
  • George Thorogood And The Destroyers Album (3/1/1977)

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