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BORN: May 18, 1952, Pearsall, TX

The Fourth Annual George Strait Country Music Festival
ended its four month run in two final shows in Texas. The
San Antonio show, as well as the Dallas show, were missing
numerous fans (as in thousands) due to horrific weather in
Southeast Texas. Parts of Houston experienced fourteen feet
of water in thousands of homes. The two interstate freeways
leading to San Antonio and Dallas, out of Houston, were
blocked off with high water and debris.

But tour officials expect this year's revenues to be More...

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Review about George Strait songs
BULL OF STEEL (ROADIO RIDE) | Reviewer: M G Mcgregor
    ------ About the song I Got A Car performed by George Strait

I got a car I have really enjoyed it
alot thank you
I'm on a bull of steel with eighteen Wheels
goin up an down all the hills
I got the country by my side an the
moon in the sky I got my cruise set on
fly I'm goin through the Ky
I'm on a roadio roadio roadio ride
A roadio roadio roadio ride
I'm on a roadio roadio roadio ride
I got my ec blue smokin like Bogey an
Bacall Bowling Green's outside my window
for my wall
Nashville's sittin still in front of my grill
Memphis is to the right Atlanta to the left
I think I'll take a west put Little Rock to the test
Dallas Tx should be commin up nest
Im on a roadio roadio roadio ride
I'm on a roadio roadio roadio ride
a roadio roadio roadio ride
Im on a bull of steel with eighteen Wheels goin up an down
all the hills
Im on a roadio roadio roadio ride
A roadio roadio roadio ride
A roadio roadio roadio ride

sad song make me cry | Reviewer: joy soles
    ------ About the song I Cross My Heart performed by George Strait

i love the song, sad song for coz im inlove and i take care of him even his far from me,i gave this song to him, i cross my heart..but he left me with no reason, no message from him, since nov.24 i missed him soo much. my heart melting, he know me well, im falling inlove with you my love, DENNIS VILLS pls where are you now.

Before sleep | Reviewer: anonymous
    ------ About the song I Saw God Today performed by George Strait

I Saw God Today is a song that I have put on my IPOD and I listen to it each night as I lay down to sleep. It is a precious song and it makes my heart feel good. It helps me to remember how I felt with the birth of my 4 children who are now grown and have children of their own. This is a special song.

Love of my life | Reviewer: Richard
    ------ About the song I Cross My Heart performed by George Strait

When my wife an I were married we played the song in the chaple where we were married.When I was younge Dusky car broke down I picked him right out of sealy Texas,he played or me tha nght an we, ,georgegot him rolling the next day . George straiti hope you see this Ph#7132087791 about 2 tickets to the rodeo in Houston Texas.

The best Christmas cookie song | Reviewer: Joe Dietlin
    ------ About the song Christmas Cookies performed by George Strait

Joe Dietlin the first time i heard this song was sung on a Christmas
TV show, called " feed the people" it has touch my soul. Every
time I hear it, it brings back memories of feed the people how
So important that is. Christmas is such a good time to share
your blessing with others, what better gift can you offer to
those who are in need of food.

Thank you, my love | Reviewer: Kathrine
    ------ About the song I Cross My Heart performed by George Strait

My husband and I sang this to each other while watching the movie Pure Country. A memory I will cherish the rest of my life. It says it all for me. This week my husband passed away. This song will be played at his memorial service and I am printing a copy for him to hold in his hand for forever. Thank you, my love, for every moment we had together. Love always, your Everything

My heart | Reviewer: Kim Brown
    ------ About the song I Saw God Today performed by George Strait

This song was playing at the time my son and I got heart breaking news from my mom saying my grandma had passed away,but my son says mommy its ok I knew when the song started that grammy saw god today,i asked how do you know son he said she kissed me good by and mind you she was in t hg e hospital we could be their with my five month old daughter.

A Love Without End, Amen | Reviewer: Randy Ehrler
    ------ About the song Love Without End Amen performed by George Strait

My father died when I was 31 years old. He never met two of my children. I have missed not having him in my life. I think that every man needs their father – to teach them, train them and to validate them as a man. There is not a day or age when this ends – as we pass through each stage of life – filled with new challenges and struggles – we need to have our fathers to turn to for advice, guidance and correction. So many of the troubles in our culture arise from the absence of fathers – we need their strength, courage and love to be complete. Many fathers, even the living, are not present in the lives of their families – they are wrapped up in work, sports, ambitions and worldly success. They are in the family picture – but not in the heart of the family.

We crave a love that is without measure, without merit – that is intrinsic and enduring. So often the recognition we receive comes from our works – we are trained chimps – getting good grades and scoring the winning touchdown so we will be loved and accepted. This creates a cycle in life that never ends – the need to prove oneself, to impress, to wow, to achieve and to win – all for love and acceptance. This song speaks of a father’s love – of our Fathers love – a love that is based on grace, not works. Yes, he wants us to succeed, to do our best, to fulfill our potential and to be all he created us to be – but that is not why he loves us. He loves us because we are his own. Period. The rest is gravy.

I have five children. I love them with all my heart. They are each unique – talented in different ways. They succeed, they screw up, the please me, they enrage me, they make me proud, they frustrate me – they win and they lose. My feelings for them do not change with the event or the outcome – my love for them endures even when I am disappointed.

His love for us is a love without end, amen. I am slowly learning and taking this truth to heart – I cannot earn his love, nor can I lose his love. I may lose his favor, but never his grace. So works are not to gain salvation, they are to please our Father, they are a means of expressing our heartfelt love and gratitude and of sharing it with others in his name.

Good works are an outgrowth of the holy spirit – nothing else – they express our love and joy – they are not intended to be a source of recognition or accolades. Equally, grace does not exclude us from punishment for our sins – just as an earthly father will punish his child for wrongdoing – so shall our eternal Father – with love in his heart he will provide the correction needed to ensure our safety and salvation. Punishment is not the absence of love, it is the epitome of love – it means that one cares enough to ensure that the individual doesn’t fall too far of course – down a path that leads to destruction.

I find tremendous peace in this knowledge. The love I feel for my own children is the same love both of my father’s felt/feel for me. I am forgiven, accepted and loved – as I am. And so are you! Everything else is gravy.

Best Of Country Music Personified | Reviewer: L.D. Steiger
    ------ About the song Check Yes Or No performed by George Strait

The first time I heard this song,I knew it would be a hit!!George Strait is one of my all time favorite performers and he seems to be a perfect gentleman!!Whoever he is married to is one lucky lady.I hope Mr. Strait will have many more hit songs in his future!!

always the right words | Reviewer: Cory Frounfelter
    ------ About the song Carrying Your Love With Me performed by George Strait

I grew up listening to this song, and when I found myself falling for the girl I was leaving behind in a move, this was the perfect expression of where my head was at. So I sent these lyrics from the bus stop as she ran through my head

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