George Strait Albums

  • Easy Come Easy Go Album
    Stay Out Of My Arms
    Just Look At Me
    Easy Come Easy Go
    I'd Like To Have That One Back
    Love Bug
    I Wasn't Fooling Around
    Without Me Around
    Man In Love With You
    We Must Be Loving Right

  • Ocean Front Property Album
    All My Ex's Live In Texas
    Someone's Walkin' Around Upstairs
    Am I Blue
    Ocean Front Property
    Hot Burning Flames
    Without You Here
    My Heart Won't Wander Very Far From You
    Second Chances
    I'm All Behind You Now

  • Lead On Album
    The Big One
    You Can't Make A Heart Love Somebody
    I Met A Friend Of Yours Today
    Nobody Has To Get Hurt
    Down Louisiana Way
    What Am I Waiting for
    Lead On
    I'll Always Be Loving You
    No One But You

  • Holding My Own Album
    You're Right I'm Wrong
    Holding My Own
    Gone As A Girl Can Get
    So Much Like My Dad
    Trains Made Me Lonesome
    All Of Me (loves All Of You)
    Wonderland Of Love
    Faults And All
    Here We Go Again

  • Merry Christmas Strait To You Album
  • Chill Of An Early Fall Album
  • No. 7 Album
  • If You Ain't Lovin' You Ain't Album
  • Something Special Album
  • Vol. 2-Greatest Hits Album
  • Strait From The Heart Album
  • Pure Country Album
  • Right Or Wrong Album
  • Strait Country Album
  • Love Is Everything Album (5/14/2013)
  • Here for a Good Time Album (9/6/2011)
  • Twang Album (8/11/2009)
  • Troubadour Album (8/1/2008)
  • It Just Comes Natural Album (10/3/2006)
  • Somewhere Down In Texas Album (6/28/2005)
  • 50 Number Ones Album (10/5/2004)
  • Honkytonkville Album (6/10/2003)
  • The Road Less Traveled Album (11/6/2001)
  • George Strait Album (9/19/2000)
  • Latest Greatest Straitest Hits Album (3/7/2000)
  • Merry Christmas Wherever You Are Album (10/1/1999)
  • Always Never The Same Album (3/2/1999)
  • One Step At A Time Album (4/21/1998)
  • Carrying Your Love With Me Album (4/22/1997)
  • Blue Clear Sky Album (4/1/1996)
  • Ten Strait Hits Album (12/31/1991)
  • Livin' It Up Album (5/15/1990)
  • Beyond The Blue Neon Album (2/6/1989)
  • Greatest Hits Album (4/25/1988)
  • Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind Album (4/1/1984)

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    Reviews about George Strait albums
    You left out - "King of Broken Hearts" | Reviewer: demaX
        ------ About the album Pure Country performed by George Strait

    Track No. 09 King of Broken Hearts is not shown above.
    And Track No. 11 (2nd Heartland on bottom is sung my a Child)
    Also the year 1992 release date is missing.

    Just to help the readers.

    5 Stars | Reviewer: Michael Saggio
        ------ About the album Strait Country performed by George Strait

    Absolutely love the fact this is really one of very few places I can find these lyrics on the Internet.

    Lived in AZ for 6 years | Reviewer: Coopie
        ------ About the album Ocean Front Property performed by George Strait

    When we came back to Canada, we heard the song, "Ocean Front Property" it brings a big smile, it has always been a plus favorite, along with "On the Road Again" When we start out on a trip these are the first CD's to go in the CD Player.

    I CROSS MY HEART | Reviewer:
        ------ About the album 50 Number Ones performed by George Strait

    I have searched everywhere to try and find this song and No where has it to where i can listen to it online plz send me something!! i really want to hear this song!

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