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George Jones first hit the charts in the 1950's. In April
1999, he celebrated the 40th Anniversary of his first
Number One record, White Lightning. It was also the year
that Jones won his second Grammy as Best Male Country
Vocalist for his performance on the single "Choices." His
only previous Grammy was in 1981 for his performance of "He
Stopped Loving Her Today."

Jones' Gold-selling 1999 COLD HARD TRUTH CD reminded fans
and critics alike why he's considered "the greatest living
country singer." "Choices," the first single from that More...

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Review about George Jones songs
That's All It Took | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song That's All It Took performed by George Jones

For several months not I have been trying to find the writer of this song. Until not I had only seen George Jones and D Edwards attached to it. But, I have never heard anyone sing it until I heard Gram Parson and Emme Lou Harris. Did any one do it as a duet before Parson and Harris. When I researched it, only their names came along. I met Emme Lou several years ago but did not make the connection with Gram Parson. I have enjoyed his music and he seemed to be more successful with the addition of Ms Harris. They seemed to join together nicely.

Tears me apart | Reviewer: John
    ------ About the song He Stopped Loving Her Today performed by George Jones

I'm 40 years old. Have been married for 20 years to my first true love. We have 3 beautiful children and have spent over half of our lives together. I never thought I'd be in this spot but We'll be divorced within the month. I fear that this will be my theme song from here on out.

I still love you babe.


He Stopped Loving Her Today | Reviewer: Lonnie Lynne O'Kelley's Hanley
    ------ About the song He Stopped Loving Her Today performed by George Jones

My Mother and Father had 6 children and we're married many years before they divorced. My Mother never dated or remarried and always loved my Daddy no matter how mad he made her and they always talked though the years and when he was so sick he waited for her to come see him before he died. This is their song 😢

He Stopped Loving Her 4/30/88 | Reviewer: Della
    ------ About the song He Stopped Loving Her Today performed by George Jones

My mother divorced my father but she was his one true love, and he loved her until the day he died. She would have come to see him one last time but because of my wicked step mother she was unable to. They had a special unspoken connection that only those who share a special once in a lifetime love share. Every time I hear this song I think of my Mama and Daddy who did not get to say their final goodbye, and I break down in tears.

Help me help him | Reviewer: Amanda
    ------ About the song Choices performed by George Jones

This song is my best friend made over. He had a horrible childhood witg his dad drinking and beating him almost daily, telling him what a loser he was, putting him down, it was horrible. Unfortunately he didnt get over what happened he chose the wrong path at a young age &got in trouble himself with drugs alcohol and anger/violence issues. Now he's older and realizes where he went wrong but feels like he cant ever get his life back, so he sits at home and drinks goes to work and thats it. He has children he can only see supervised bc of it, and just wants to get them back but their mom just sees his past. He has went to classes completed them to show her hes changed as far as his anger and his drug habit, but she doesnt believe, which I can understand. But how do you help someone who has only ever been knocked down & never had anyone believe in him? I know its not my responsibility, but I have been in his same situation, somehow God gave me the strength to turn my bad into positive. I know he only needs a chance, just one. How can I help him?

Yeah, yeah, yeah... | Reviewer: Grandview MO
    ------ About the song He Stopped Loving Her Today performed by George Jones

I cannot even read the lyrics to this song without my eyes becoming misty. She told me it was over some 45 years ago and, to this day, I still carry the proverbial torch for her. I was truly in love with her but she just played the game with me, and I meant nothing to her. I dream of seeing her again, holding her one more time, but know I never will. I suppose, when they carry me away, I'll forget her, at last... or will I?

FRUITVILLE, FL LOVES U GEORGE JONES!!! | Reviewer: Jacki Lavon Hodges
    ------ About the song Grand Tour, The performed by George Jones

My dad went 2 ur concert with out a ticket hoping 2 get 1 when he got there & did! My dad calls me opossum cuz I get quiet when I get mad, I can get loud 2 tho! LOL My family & the world will love u & miss u 4ever! U r a true legend... C u on the other side my love... XOXOX

not only drugs and/or alcohol, just life choices we all make | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Choices performed by George Jones

We all make choices and drugs and alcohol are just two wrong ones. Choosing marital partners; choosing careers, and just choosing how to keep yourself afloat are all difficult. When George says "Oh, Lord knows I'd run" if he could go back, I feel tears
coming down my face. So many of his songs seem to say what I'm not able to give words to. But maybe if he had lived a less intense, "smaller" life, he wouldn't have developed the passion he embodies in his songs. Maybe we could have lived tied up in a safe harbor, but we'd have missed sailing the storms.

Song and Times | Reviewer: James
    ------ About the song 50000 Names performed by George Jones

Hello All, It seems to have been quite awhile since the last post here. I do the karaoke version of this song and and as a Veteran that was lucky enough to go to Thailand instead of Viet-Nam, this is a song that I really love doing. I lost a friend of mine there as did a lot of others and I always dedicate this song and "Some Gave All" to their memory and to all that served. It is with great Pride that I do this song and will always remember George as a fallen comrade. May his memory and song last for eternity. Thank You for letting me post here.
James (67-68 Sattahip Thailand)

Still Doin' Time Still Doin' Fine | Reviewer: Bud Norris
    ------ About the song Still Doin' Time performed by George Jones

George was at a low point in his life when he recorded this one, and the emotion comes through in his voice. An uncompromising tear-jerker as only The Possum could sing it. This is written less than a week after George's passing, and I'm sure his fans will agree with me that this is one of his top tens.

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