Gentleman Reg Albums

  • Leisure Life Part Two Album
    Rock Animals
    Make It Better
    The Declaration
    Hit the Heart
    Charm In a Phonebooth

  • Leisure Life, Pt. 3 Album (10/30/2012)
    You Lie In the Dirt
    Songs I Already Sang
    Freakin Out
    I'm a Little Bit Older Than You
    It's True

  • Leisure Life, Pt. One Album (7/3/2012)
    Waiting Around for Gold
    Too Drunk
    I Could Be What You Wanted
    Driving the Truth
    Solo Shows

  • Heavy Head Album (12/1/2009)
    Wicked Game
    Wild Heart
    Take It All Back
    We're In a Thunderstorm
    How We Exit

  • Jet Black Album (2/24/2009)
  • Darby and Joan Album (4/4/2004)
  • Make Me Pretty Album (4/4/2002)

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