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When it comes to thought provoking, street-bred raw
lyricism, The Wu-Tang Clan's fountain of wisdom, GZA takes
his job very seriously. The way he crafts his double-edged
rhyme flow mirrors the skill and precise technique of one
who works with fine ceramics. GZA's metaphoric and
multi-layered lyrics are often touted by critics as his rap
name implies; genius. Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in
every borough of New York City, The GZA's workmanship can
be found three albums deep with classics dating back to
1991 including the albums More...

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Reviews about Genius/GZA songs

HAD TO LET YOU KNOW.... | Reviewer: Lenny Briscoe II
    ------ About the song Beneath the Surface performed by Genius/GZA

Scratching underneath the surface/
where does your purpose lie?/
Seems our will is worthless/
Faith is erased by reason/
And passion is just a whim/
I feel empt so I breath in,save myself from giving in/......

GZA The Great | Reviewer: Paycheck
    ------ About the song Queen's Gambit performed by Genius/GZA

The greatest East Coast Lyricist ever, no doubt. Football teams and terms in a rap about about a girls, beyond me, the man is a Genius!! Watch out for his upcoming album January 8th called Pro Tools, go cop it, Probably gonna be fire

Gza Tha Genius | Reviewer: Verbalfire
    ------ About the song Queen's Gambit performed by Genius/GZA

That Man is so ill. Look at a lot of his concepts, Asa lyricist he is very underrated along with AZ. Give him his props.

tough hook | Reviewer: izm
    ------ About the song Beneath the Surface performed by Genius/GZA

been tryin to catch this hook for a while...after researching various submissions, i believe it is..
"Scratch underneath the surface, where does your purpose lie?
It seems our will is worthless, like we're pawns beneath the sky.
Face the race by reason, and passions just a whim-
Feel empty so i breath in, keep myself from giving in."


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