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Genitortures Biography

Last updated: 03/22/2003 04:14:23 AM

This is the story of the Phenomenon known as the GENITORTURERS whose audio-visual exploits have earned them the title as “the WORLDS SEXIEST ROCK BAND”! as well as vast notoriety with music fans and thrill seekers from all walks of life! Led by the hauntingly gorgeous vocalist extraordinaire GEN, the band (guitarist Chains, bassist Evil D and drummer Angel) serves up one of the most rivoting live performances to be experienced! The GENITORTURERS have truly earned the respect of fans and press worldwide due in no small part to their strong commitment to their art both musically and visually.

Since their 1993 IRS Records debut release 120 Days of Genitorture, the band has been featured in everything from the Washington Post and L.A. Times to television shows such as Fox files, Hard Copy, HBO’s Real Sex and Playboy TV’s “SEXCETERA”. In addition, extensive touring in the U.S. and JAPAN have garnered them a devoted fan base worldwide, a growing number of whom travel to repeat shows calling themselves “GENHEADS” or fight tooth and nail when the band auctions off their annual “EVENING OF TORTURE" on EBAY.

A recent feature on E! Channel documented the effect the band appears to be having on the rising scene of ROCK music and FASHION in TOKYO! The feature likened the bands recent concert appearance in June to the effect that Madonna or KISS had on the music scene in years past. Leadsinger GEN has been leaving a strong impression on the LA music scene as well with recent guest vocalist appearances at CLUB MAKEUP sharing the stage with members of Blondie, Buck Cherry, Orgy & Garbage.

Gen was also the subject of a British release feature film “Preaching to the Perverted” a fictional account exploring her life and exploits. Today ,GENITORTURERS have succeeded in making believers of even the
stodgiest music critics who prior to witnessing them live had all but written them off as some kind of gimmick....“Yes, they have their schtick......but can they play? You betcha!. Their hard driving yet brutally sexy rock and roll sucks you in.. and once you are there you are
hooked! Reminiscent of early KISS and ALICE COOPER, this is a band that delivers a mesmerizing combination of passionate theater and memorable new songs all which propel the audience to a time when music was more than bubble gum fluff .. this band is all guts.. all rock!..

The bands newest offering “MACHINE LOVE “ is sure to satisfy any aural fixation, features exciting new tracks including “Stitch in Time”, “ Machine Love” and an incredible remake of the Divinyl’s hit “Touch Myself” produced by Dave Ogilvie and Scott Humphrey . Throughout the internet, the buzz can also be heard regarding the band’s ongoing activities on their extremely popular web site which consistantly receives over a half million hits monthly!

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