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Tony Banks met Peter Gabriel; Mike Rutherford met Anthony
Phillips. Out of these teenage friendships and songwriting
partnerships a band called Genesis emerged. In 1967, at the
height of the psychedelic boom, they began recording
together with the man who thought up their name, producer
and pop star in waiting Jonathan King.

In pursuit of success, Genesis took the scenic route. It
was ten years before they scored their first hit single.
Long, radio-unfriendly epics such as 'Supper's Ready', a
26-minute controlled freak-out from the More...

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Review about Genesis songs
Its a song | Reviewer: Eric
    ------ About the song Illegal Alien performed by Genesis

Im Mexican and I really laugh with the song... Im not offended... people are hysterical... what is black is black.. what is illegal is illegal... what is queer is querr... son dont fuck off...

Phil collins | Reviewer: Geoff
    ------ About the song For Absent Friends performed by Genesis

Sure Phil Collins was a great drummer for Genesis, but solo singer....No, not for me. Personally after "the lamb lies down on broadway" album, genesis fell steeply into commercialism and lost their initial integrity. It ended with the above album which to me was,and is...unassailable. The perfect combination of music and lyric.

Genesis - Suppers Ready | Reviewer: Matt
    ------ About the song Supper's Ready performed by Genesis

Get a copy of seconds out for a killer live version - going to see Steve Hackett in Seattle December 10 2014 Can't wait - the best 21 minutes you can spend !!

Lighten up, people! | Reviewer: Lee
    ------ About the song Illegal Alien performed by Genesis

The song is funny. It was funny when I first heard it in the 80's and it's still funny now. It was reasonably popular back in 1984, but now it is considered some kind of heresy. The song hasn't changed, people have just become so thin skinned that they are offended by everything.

What's not funny is that right now the country is being overrun by illegal aliens and no one is doing a thing about it.

Perfect lyrics for our time--38 yrs later! | Reviewer: ogden martin
    ------ About the song Robbery, Assault & Battery performed by Genesis

"Done me wrong, same old song, done me wrong, same old song."

I hum the lyrics daily as I hear the clarion call for revolution vs this hideous leader in US and all his sap cronies/felons in every branch of govt. We are plagued by serial scandals, our 1st Amendment is trashed, but to an apathetic public and a hapless, unknowing liberal media, it is apparently just 'business as usual.'

Got to get out of this place, to quote the old Animals hit song. America is on its way to entropic oblivion, far sooner than most people think. "Done me wrong, it's the same old song forever...forever!"

When Did You First Hear This Song? | Reviewer: DJ Minteer
    ------ About the song Down And Out performed by Genesis

Okay, it's almost embarrassing to admit that the first time I heard the song Down And Out was in June 2014. For cryin' out loud! I've been a fan of rock music for many decades. And progressive rock groups, with those more complex music arrangements, were always my preference. Seems as if there were so many bands like that back then. Back in the late seventies and early eighties, my recollection of Genesis was that they were good, with some catchy tunes. Period. Oh, if I'd only heard Down And Out on the radio I would have been obsessed. But this kind of song didn't get mainstream radio play. Was it the time signature?

So all I really heard from Genesis was the more poppy tunes. And many of Phil Collins' ballads over the years I never really cared for. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the musicianship but it didn't seem my style. I admit that I really never gave Genesis or Phil Collins a chance. Not sure why. My loss.

Fast forward to 2014. I'd almost gotten to the point where I didn't listen to the classic rock radio stations because it seemed like I'd heard it all, in some ways (some songs) too many times. I'd catch myself listening instead to all the brand new pop music - and really liking it. In fact, having recorded for many years myself and knowing what all goes into recording and producing music, I marveled at some of what I considered to be genius productions. There are some damn good song recordings these days.

Getting to the point now... Just last week I mentioned to a coworker, who I knew to be a drummer, that he probably liked so and so drummer back in the day. He told me, "Yeah, he's great, but some music and drumming that I really like are from a few Genesis albums, And Then There Were Three, and Trick Of The Tail." I thought, what? These albums are back to the era of my high school days. What crowd was I running with who didn't turn me on to this music, along with their other smokable condiments? We chatted a bit about music and I become real curious about these two albums.

So, the first album I listened to, And Then There Were Three, the very first song on it, Down And Out, just blew me away. Words cannot do it justice. I just listen and listen to it. Better late than never, as they say. Sheesshh.

Quite a crankin' little tune! | Reviewer: Jerry W.
    ------ About the song Down And Out performed by Genesis

Over the years, as a fan of Genesis, somehow I never gave "And Then There Were Three" a fair listening. While there are a few stinkers on the album, "Down And Out" is an exception. This song is surprisingly strong showing Collins, Banks and Rutherford at the top of their game. Good lyrics, killer drumming and wailing keyboards are just a few of the great things this song offers. Mike Rutherford steps up as guitarist and delivers a good aggressive guitar line while Banks solos over the top. Excellent forgotten tune!

Clueless crap written by someone who has never been to a match | Reviewer: Duncan Best
    ------ About the song Match Of The Day performed by Genesis

This is an excruciating song. "Match of the day is the only way, to spend our Saturdays". One of the worts lyrics in the history of the world. They deserve a good kicking.

Unmatched popmusical masterpeice! | Reviewer: Rudy
    ------ About the song Supper's Ready performed by Genesis

I first heard this song back in 1974 when I revisited a highschool pal of mine who used to be freaking out on Creedence Clearwater Revival's steady rock songs in the very early 1970's and who took over some of my interest in the later work back then of The Kinks. He introduced me to 2 new rather bands, Genesis and 10CC and lent me Foxtrot, Selling England by the pound (Genesis) and the original Soundtrach (10CC). I was immediately blown away by the immense quality of all 3 albums. But Supper's Ready and Une nuit a Paris instantly stood out for me because of the lenght of the songs and the "chutes", the changes of music and/or rhythm. Still today, almost 40 long years on, I still back up my opinion I had then. Supper's Ready by Genesis is to me, and believe me, I've heard zillions of songs between the age of 8 and (now)58, the unique pinnacle of progressive pop mucic and will never be surpassed!!

Musical Box in Denver review 3/4/14 | Reviewer: Tom
    ------ About the song Supper's Ready performed by Genesis

Saw them for the first time last night. Early Genesis sort of ruled my life in my high school years (I'm 55 now), and I have probably heard every song a few thousand times. I know every note of every song, and they played it all, faithfully. What is even more surprising is the complete faithfulness of the instruments, stage layout, dress, and even hair styles to what G was looking like in 1973. The front man even introduces songs identically to the way Gabriel used. They performed FOXTROT, but substituted the Musical Box for Horizons (fine with me), and played the Knife and Fountain of Salmacis for encores. Simply...magnificent. I really feel like I saw what a '73 should would have been like. Won't ever for get this till I'm cold and buried....

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