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Tony Banks met Peter Gabriel; Mike Rutherford met Anthony
Phillips. Out of these teenage friendships and songwriting
partnerships a band called Genesis emerged. In 1967, at the
height of the psychedelic boom, they began recording
together with the man who thought up their name, producer
and pop star in waiting Jonathan King.

In pursuit of success, Genesis took the scenic route. It
was ten years before they scored their first hit single.
Long, radio-unfriendly epics such as 'Supper's Ready', a
26-minute controlled freak-out from the More...

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Review about Genesis songs
Unmatched popmusical masterpeice! | Reviewer: Rudy
    ------ About the song Supper's Ready performed by Genesis

I first heard this song back in 1974 when I revisited a highschool pal of mine who used to be freaking out on Creedence Clearwater Revival's steady rock songs in the very early 1970's and who took over some of my interest in the later work back then of The Kinks. He introduced me to 2 new rather bands, Genesis and 10CC and lent me Foxtrot, Selling England by the pound (Genesis) and the original Soundtrach (10CC). I was immediately blown away by the immense quality of all 3 albums. But Supper's Ready and Une nuit a Paris instantly stood out for me because of the lenght of the songs and the "chutes", the changes of music and/or rhythm. Still today, almost 40 long years on, I still back up my opinion I had then. Supper's Ready by Genesis is to me, and believe me, I've heard zillions of songs between the age of 8 and (now)58, the unique pinnacle of progressive pop mucic and will never be surpassed!!

Musical Box in Denver review 3/4/14 | Reviewer: Tom
    ------ About the song Supper's Ready performed by Genesis

Saw them for the first time last night. Early Genesis sort of ruled my life in my high school years (I'm 55 now), and I have probably heard every song a few thousand times. I know every note of every song, and they played it all, faithfully. What is even more surprising is the complete faithfulness of the instruments, stage layout, dress, and even hair styles to what G was looking like in 1973. The front man even introduces songs identically to the way Gabriel used. They performed FOXTROT, but substituted the Musical Box for Horizons (fine with me), and played the Knife and Fountain of Salmacis for encores. Simply...magnificent. I really feel like I saw what a '73 should would have been like. Won't ever for get this till I'm cold and buried....

A truly amazing song! | Reviewer: Andy Maharaj
    ------ About the song Supper's Ready performed by Genesis

I'm 51 now. I've loved "Suppers Ready" since discovering the music of Genesis in 1980. My words can't do the song justice. Many of you here have echoed what I'd say. But I will add this:

I never ever thought I'd see the whole song performed live but last week I was able to see the song performed by "The Musical Box". If you love the song, and/or love Genesis in their 1973 period, go see the show. Fantastic stuff!

Never Heard Anything Like This One | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Back In N.Y.C. performed by Genesis

As a 24-year-old and a member of a newer generation, I'm incredibly proud to say that this could very well be one of the greatest songs I've ever heard. I can't stop listening - it's simply unerringly addictive. It just oozes power and aggression; Peter Gabriel channels so much energy and delivers such an incredible vocal onslaught. And dat synth...dat SYNTH.

Hmm... | Reviewer: FabianaD
    ------ About the song Illegal Alien performed by Genesis

I personally think that this song is sort of funny and they're like trying to simulate their real situation in a happier way. People should take things a lil bit easier. It's just incredible how people get offended that quickly! Now you can't even say the word "black" because we fear crazy offended people... I'm an immigrant. I'm Italian. I know this song talks about Mexicans but staying in this country has been a pain for me as well and this song doesn't offend me at all.

A story still as strong as ever | Reviewer: Ann
    ------ About the song Supper's Ready performed by Genesis

I totally agree with you Jim, was a Genesis fan 25 years ago, but I still go back to this music from time to time, and I'm never disappointed still brings emotions, and suppers ready on seconds out is AWESOME!!!!

Incredible!!! | Reviewer: nygenesis
    ------ About the song Supper's Ready performed by Genesis

Easily one of the best songs ever recorded in rock history. I have seen the band about 8 times from 1981 to 1992 and only see them play a short section of the song within a medley. I recently saw Steve Hackets's Genesis revisted tour - he played the entire song and I won't bother trying to tell you how unreal it was - one of the highligths for me in my life as far as live music performance. I am lucky enough to be seeing the Musial Box in late November on Long Island. They are re=creating the Selling England and Foxtrot albums. If you have not seen them and love this music don't leave this earth without missing them!

A Parody to Genesis | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Duchess performed by Genesis

Tony Banks once said in a Genesis video that the song Duchess was a parody to the group and every time I hear the song played it always reminds me of their concert at Earls Court in 1997. They appeared on stage with Ray Wilson from Stiltskin who replaced Phil Collins when he left the band and it clearly didn't work. This was when the people let them know the score and I really felt for Mike and Tony who knew the score and managed to hold it together for the duration. Happily they recovered and are able to step back into the light again and make the crowd start to roar.

My son's name | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Supper's Ready performed by Genesis

Today I suddenly realized that I had named my son based on the phrase of this song. His name in Japanese means the truth is gathered and flow out into the ocean. I believe that everyone who loves this song would feel the same, magnifient and spiritually raised feelings at the phrase of 'Like the river joins the ocean, as the germ in a seed grows,we have finally been freed to get back home!' Maybe I wished that my son would experience such a great feeling during his life. It sounds weird, but this song has such a powerful penetration into my heart."This is the Supper of the mighty one"

Epic Masterpiece; Majestic, Sublime | Reviewer: John Joseph
    ------ About the song Supper's Ready performed by Genesis

nothing quite compares to this, not by genesis or anyone else. the live 1973 version at the rainbow is as good as any live performance in rock, progressive or otherwise. there are any number of bands that might compare to the greatness of genesis, but i haven't heard many songs that live up to this. jerusalem boogie to us, perhaps. but, to the birds it meant, the supper was ready. i'm sure it can be interpreted many ways. i like the 'love song' aspect.

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