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Tony Banks met Peter Gabriel; Mike Rutherford met Anthony
Phillips. Out of these teenage friendships and songwriting
partnerships a band called Genesis emerged. In 1967, at the
height of the psychedelic boom, they began recording
together with the man who thought up their name, producer
and pop star in waiting Jonathan King.

In pursuit of success, Genesis took the scenic route. It
was ten years before they scored their first hit single.
Long, radio-unfriendly epics such as 'Supper's Ready', a
26-minute controlled freak-out from the More...

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Review about Genesis songs
???? | Reviewer: TonyMonterey
    ------ About the song Mama performed by Genesis

I always thought the words were an afterthought to the drums and the laugh. I thought he was singing about someone that is leaving him against his will and he was begging them to stay and telling them they would be sorry... then they leave anyway.

"Ha ha Ha.." (go ahead and leave me) "Oh!" (They left!)

But I got slammed in college for saying i thought Maya Angelou poems made absolutely no sense and stunk. So what do I know.

It's not about "you time or wealth" | Reviewer: Art parmann
    ------ About the song One For The Vine performed by Genesis

Music like the wind ! Is what is, not what is "perceived" experience not understand!people"think" a discussion will resolve...resolution comes from letting go and letting the music carry the Holy Spirit "transcend ego!"

Embrace experience! Not perception!

Incest | Reviewer: Xtian soldier
    ------ About the song Papa He Said performed by Genesis

This is a horrible song about incest between a father and his son. Shameless! I can't believe they released this song, i used to love Genesis, but i quit when i heard this song.

All in all you are a very dying race.... | Reviewer: Ronald/Los Angeles
    ------ About the song Squonk performed by Genesis

This song, released in 1976 on the first Genesis album without Peter Gabriel (Trick of the Tail), remains, to me, one of the best songs to come out of the golden age of progressive rock (before Genesis itself left that genre). Melody, lyrics, feel. An underappreciated (then and now)tune, it's one of those songs that's best listened to sitting quietly somewhere with your eyes closed. It transports me at every listen.

The possibility of perfection | Reviewer: Johannes
    ------ About the song Supper's Ready performed by Genesis

It's hard to call one song the best you ever heard,but still i think i never heard such a beautifull 'journey'in music as on the Seconds Out version of Supper's Ready.Put the headphone on and off you go for some 24 minutes ride through mystic and whatever feelings come up.
What a joy.

    ------ About the song I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) performed by Genesis

If I was back in the U.K. I would go to bath, England. Then I would try to get an appt. to see the most beautiful man in music!! Mr. Peter Gabriel I never really paid to much attn. to good ol peter when I first got into Genesis, his era had past, although my boyfriend had all of the albums,and we'd listen to them as well as the newer stuff w/ Collins too. I just thought what everyone else thought at the time, "Oh Peter Gabriel is on something, or he's gotta be pissed outta his mind. But as I found out later, he wasn't a big drinker & he only dabbled in lsd for a short period of time. But for the last 4 mos. I've basically watched his life & career run it's course. Watching him grow from a newly married, GORGEOUS 21 yr old young man, into the mature, beautiful and compassionate humanitarian he is today. So as I was finishing up w/ selling England by the pound & found "wordrobe" I probably listened to it for a wk straight. Including coming on youtube to find any performances of this song live. Extremely impressive musically & lyrically. Mostly I just wanted to come on here & "gush" about how BEAUTIFUL Peter was before the inverted Mohawk & crazy make up & costumes. He was the epitome of a 70's ROCK GOD!! That long shiny brown hair, flowing down his back & those irresistible blue eyes!! Makes me melt just thinking about it. I think I've fallen in love with an image on a computer screen & a "persona" that existed only on stage, over 40 yrs ago. After going thru Genesis' back catalog, I started to watch some interviews over the yrs after he left Genesis. This person in the documentary about his day to day life,is a very different person. Looks more like a geeky Englishmen, with a boyish hair cut & smile. I watched his looks evolve right along w/ his ego over the next 30 yrs or so. however, he seems to have grown a lot, and is much more "aware" of himself today. Being a more mature man, and I think having a second go at parenthood, has humbled him a bit. It's funny though, when I look into his eyes on the screen when he was very young maybe 22 yrs old & then look into the eyes of a 63 yr old Peter Gabriel, I still see nothing but BEAUTY!!! I will be crushing on him, when he's 100!!! Love Struck, In Awe with something I can never have, and that really doesn't exist anymore,and maybe never really did, I feel a strange sense of loss, or longing, even a little sad & maybe even dare I say, anxious.... I think I should have just said "melancholy" ..... which is how a lot of old Genesis makes me feel......... :)

Lonelieness done beautifully. | Reviewer: S. Obermaier
    ------ About the song Your Own Special Way performed by Genesis

A beautiful song, i think, about a sailor from maybe 2 centuries back suffering the extensive lonelieness that sailors experienced back then.
Banks on the keyboard with more new sounds from his brilliant head developed with Yamaha etc!

Great song | Reviewer: S. Obermaier
    ------ About the song Blood On The Rooftops performed by Genesis

A man who has grown weary of the same old news stories that never change....Israel and Palestine for one has a mention....yep, its still going on Phil!
Have this song at a decent volume to get the full magical bliss that Tony Banks airy atmospheric sound that gets me every time!

Classic Collins era Genesis | Reviewer: Yvonne Taylor
    ------ About the song Evidence Of Autumn performed by Genesis

I agree with Tony (Banks)that Evidence of Autumn concludes side one of Duke much better than "Heathaze" and a much under-rated song in my opinion which I have come to love more and more over the years. Chris above is right that Tony does have an inate gift for the unconventional as lyrically reflected in this well balanced composition. A great pity in my view this song never made it on to the Duke album. Thanks Tony, I love it!

Its a song | Reviewer: Eric
    ------ About the song Illegal Alien performed by Genesis

Im Mexican and I really laugh with the song... Im not offended... people are hysterical... what is black is black.. what is illegal is illegal... what is queer is querr... son dont fuck off...

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