Genesis Albums

  • Genesis Archives #2 1976-92 Album (11/6/2000)
    On The Shoreline
    Hearts On Fire
    You Might Recall
    Evidence Of Autumn
    I'd Rather Be You
    Inside And Out
    Feeding The Fire
    I Can't Dance
    Illegal Alien
    Dreaming While You Sleep
    It's Gonna Get Better
    Deep In The Motherlode
    Your Own Special Way
    Burning Rope
    Duke's Travels
    Invisible Touch
    Land Of Confusion
    Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
    No Reply At All
    Man On The Corner
    The Lady Lies
    Open Door
    The Day The Light Went Out
    It's Yourself

  • Genesis Archive 1967-1975 Album (6/22/1998)
    The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
    Fly On A Windshield
    Broadway Melody Of 1974
    Cuckoo Cocoon
    In The Cage
    The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging
    Back In N.Y.C.
    Hairless Heart
    Counting Out Time
    The Carpet Crawlers
    The Chamber Of 32 Doors
    Lilywhite Lilith
    The Waiting Room
    Here Comes The Supernatural Anaesthetist
    The Lamia
    The Colony Of Slippermen
    The Light Dies Down On Broadway
    Riding The Scree
    In The Rapids
    Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
    Firth Of Fifth
    More Fool Me
    Supper's Ready
    I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
    Twilight Alehouse
    Happy The Man
    Watcher Of The Skies
    In The Wilderness
    The Shepherd
    Let Us Now Make Love
    Going Out To Get You
    Build Me A Mountain
    Image Blown Out
    One Day
    Where The Sour Turns To Sweet
    In The Beginning
    The Magic Of Time
    Hidden In The World Of Dawn
    Sea Bee
    The Mystery Of The Flannan Isle Lighthouse
    Hair On The Arms And Legs
    She's So Beautiful
    Try A Little Sadness

  • Calling All Stations Album (9/2/1997)
    Calling All Stations
    Alien Afternoon (Banks/Rutherford)
    Not About Us (Banks/Rutherford/Wilson)
    If That's What You Need
    The Dividing Line
    Uncertain Weather
    Small Talk
    There Must Be Some Other Way
    One Man's Fool

  • The Way We Walk Vol 2 Album (2/9/1993)
    Dance On A Volcano
    Driving The Last Spike
    Drum Duet
    Fading Lights
    Home By The Sea
    Second Home By The Sea
    The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

  • The Way We Walk Vol 1 Album (11/17/1992)
  • We Can't Dance Album (10/28/1991)
  • Invisible Touch Album (6/1/1986)
  • Genesis Album (10/1/1983)
  • Three Sides Live Album (6/1/1982)
  • Abacab Album (9/14/1981)
  • Duke Album (3/31/1980)
  • ...And Then There Were Three... Album (3/23/1978)
  • Seconds Out Album (11/1/1977)
  • Wind And Wuthering Album (12/2/1976)
  • A Trick Of The Tail Album (2/2/1976)
  • The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Album (9/1/1974)
  • Selling England By The Pound Album (11/1/1973)
  • Genesis Live Album (6/1/1973)
  • Foxtrot Album (10/1/1972)
  • Nursery Cryme Album (11/1/1971)
  • Trespass Album (10/1/1970)
  • From Genesis To Revelation Album (9/1/1969)

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    Reviews about Genesis albums
    Still brilliant - after manys years - Pure escapism! | Reviewer: S. Obermaier
        ------ About the album A Trick Of The Tail performed by Genesis

    Just to say another masterpiece of 70's Genesis.....when they really threw everything into it!
    If you want to drift off to far away lands of dreams and things a bit magical, this puts those pleasant and maybe slightly strange images in you're head as you listen. LOVE IT!

    God music | Reviewer: Alex Gallo
        ------ About the album Selling England By The Pound performed by Genesis

    That voice at the start of 1song - the unique imagination from musical moment to the next - never expected ,than bursts of
    Energy ! The basse by M.Rutherford as a life of his own !
    Than calm and space the flute
    Takes us to medievel ages .Tony Banks sustains the music building with drama and
    Mystery ! Steve is
    A young merlin
    Its not just the note he pulls
    ,that cries or screams at his fingers command ! A lot has been said about the songs -I want to pinpoint the last one in the album
    It never fails to
    Make me dream
    Or travel in my
    Mind . Cinematic
    Music . Dinamic
    Inventive beautiful . Please
    Go see the canadian band
    Alex Gallo

    EARNEST & STODGY | Reviewer: raggle taggle man
        ------ About the album Seconds Out performed by Genesis

    Earnest and stodgy would best describe this offering although it does feature an outstanding version of Afterglow which still brings tears to my eyes. The Gabriel material is's just not Pete is it? The best tracks are from the Trick and Wind & Wuthering albums where the band are tight and obviously enjoying themselves.

    ACOUSTICALLY PERFECT | Reviewer: raggle taggle man
        ------ About the album A Trick Of The Tail performed by Genesis

    Brilliantly produced, beautifully performed......some of the best material Genesis have ever written. This album shows how a progressive rock ballad CAN work, Hackett's 12 string work is outstanding and gives a lush feel to tracks like Entangled and Ripples. Collins is nervous but gives the vocals his all and his drumming is powerful on the 'rockier' tracks. This album is a progressive rock album that WON'T clear the room.

    One of Genesis' stronger albums. | Reviewer: Zeryx
        ------ About the album Duke performed by Genesis

    Duke has a lot of solid songs.
    Interesting base-lines and melodies, though there
    is some recycling to transition between songs and sampling to tie the album together. Sounds a lot like one long song, in the best of prog-rock tradition.

    The synth is a bit uneven, varying between flavour (Duchess, Misunderstanding) and over-powering (Man of our Times, Duke's End).

    Strongest songs are radio-friendly hits "Misunderstanding" and "Turn it on Again." However, most of the songs are very strong and deserve more notice, especially Heathaze, which has a great melody, Cul-De-Sac which invokes generation X, and Please Don't ask which is a bit melodramatic but really tight.

    The downside is that the rest of the songs tend to be weighed down by overbearing obnoxious synth. The title track, Duke, vacillates between the two, having both really rockin' and really obnoxious bits.

    In summation, suffer through the occasional brassy over-synthesized song or section of a song and have a solid trip back to when classic rock started to merge into 80s pop. Three and a half stars.

    help for mark | Reviewer: youngrone
        ------ About the album Abacab performed by Genesis

    I'm pretty sure the song your looking for is "the carpet crawlers" from the Lamb lies down on Broadway album.
    The lyrics are actually "you gotta get in to get out" The song is also on the live album "Seconds Out". It is a great song.

    Have a Question! | Reviewer: Mark
        ------ About the album Abacab performed by Genesis

    Someone help please?! The only lyrics to the song I can remember are 'you've got to get in to get high'. Very 'dirge-like' tune...old.

    What song is it!!!!


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