General Surgery Albums

  • Split Album (9/25/2003)
    Pre-Bisectal Corrosive Immersion
    Lab Rat
    Mortuary Wars
    Cauterization Frenzy
    Reception Of Cadavers
    Convivial Corpse Disposal Methodology / Severe Catatonic Intersection
    Pathological Activities
    Bloatation (Repugnant Refloatation)
    Cruentous Mess
    Forensic Photography
    A Brief Discourse Of Wound Ballistics
    Cooperative Cadaveric Custody
    Prosector's Bane: Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

  • Necrology Album (3/22/1991)
    Ominous Lamentation
    Slithering Maceration Of Ulcerous Facial Tissue
    Grotesque Laceration Of Mortified Flesh
    Severe Catatonia In Pathology
    Crimson Concerto
    The Succulent Aftermath Of A Subdural Haemorrhage
    An Orgy Of Flying Limbs And Gore

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