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General Surgery Biography

Last updated: 03/22/2003 04:14:21 AM

MK 1 (Dec 1988-March 1989)
Matti Kärki: Drums/vocals
Jonas Derouche: Guitar
Grant McWilliams: Bass
Richard Cabeza: Lead Vocals

Formed by Matti & Grant in December 1988, purpose: to perform C****ss covers exclusively from the 1st album. Name thought up by Matti, derived from some graphical medical handbook, an interest which Matti and Grant shared with a certain morbidity. Inconsistent line-up. Inspired by seminal Stockholm noisecore band Berbe (part of Matti's unkown dark past.) Managed to rehearse a few C****ss covers and incomprehensible noise, which by a massive stretch of imagination could be mistaken for songs. Nothing remains on tape. For obvious reasons. Did not last. For obvious reasons.

MK 2 (Dec 1989- May 1990)
Matti Kärki:: Bass/vocals
Joacim Carlsson: Guitar
Richard Cabeza: Lead Vocals
Mats Nordrup: Drums

After several months of complete inactivity, Matti gathered a fresh batch of of lunatics who were willing to elevate this special brand of musical C****ss-worship to unknown heights. Feeding off the instant chemistry between them, 3 songs were almost instantly completed, although rehearsals were limited to some 2-3 times a month. By February it was decided that these foul practices of forensic insanity had to be recorded. The word had got around, and it did not take long before the label "Stockholms most hated" was applied to the band. Mustered by this stigma, the band went ahead and recorded their first three songs. Recording took place at the highly unlikely facility of an amateur theatre group with recording equipment. This may have contributed to the final result, which was shockingly brutal and very Grind. May even be seen as out-"noising"the "Reek of P****faction" album, which, ultimately, was the purpose from the start. This recording was eventually released as the Erosive Offals demo tape.

Not wasting any time, the band were on stage a few days after the recording had come to a conclusion at the end of March. The scene for this desecration was in a rather shabby suburb of Stockholm with heavy metal gods Unleashed, Afflicted Convulsion, Crematory and Macrodex. Needless to say these bands were completely outclassed…in terms of grindcore, anyway. The accompanying bands and audience were completely blown away by G.S. and their massive five-minute set (which still exists on video), describing it in such appraising words as "complete shit", "what the f*ck was that all about", "huh?", "what, you mean that was a band playing?". The band having also foreseeing the uniform trend by all wearing C****ss t-shirts.

Despite the general lack of understanding by mere mortals, they felt that greatness was just around the corner. Also many more opportunities to severely piss people off. However, when the band sat back and actually listened to the demo itself, they quickly decided to re-enter the studio (a real studio this time). Matti decided that the lyrics needed a cerain something to heighten them and thusly contacted Grant and asked him to re-write the lyrics, what with his Scottish background and impressive eloquency. Needless to say, Grant was completely willing to jump on the bandwagon and share any fame/infamy the band might gather. For free too! Sunlight Studio was quickly booked being the prime choice for any self-respecting band on the more brutal side of the musical spectrum. The band was slotted in between actual "real" recordings by "real" bands, working an intense six hours completing both the recording and mixing in one night. The result was "gargantuan".

Named by the band’s accquired lyricist/non-vocalist Grant as Pestiferous Anthropophagia, which nobody really knows the meaning of, least of all himself. This was a step forward in reaching their own special sound…of ripping off a certain band. Fifty copies were duplicated on Jocke’s double tape deck at home, the layout of the tape done using scissors, typewriter and glue (which, despite popular belief did not end up in the band members’ noses.) These were distributed in a small amount by the band, though, thanks to tape traders, managed to reach quite an amount of people for which we are eternally grateful.

MK 3 (June 1990 - Nov 1990)
Matti Kärki:: Bass/vocals
Joacim Carlsson: Guitar
Grant McWilliams: Lead Vocals
Mats Nordrup: Drums

After some time Rickard left the band to focus on his main band Unanimated, and Grant, being the natural choice, re-joined the band. Whoopee! By this time, a man of great and awesome taste, Bill Yurkiewicz, was interested in releasing something by the band on his then label Grind Till Global Perfection. A split single with, amongst others, Soilent Green was planned. As time passed, his label morphed into Relapse Records and talk of a full EP was discussed. After a lot of silliness from the bands side, it was arranged that G.S. yet again enter Sunlight studios. During this time, the band quickly got a hold of a semi-functional portable studio and recorded their repertoire to see how they'd sound with McWilliams foul tones on it. Thoroughly disgusted, but without any better options, they decided to go ahead and enter the studio. Yet again Tomas Skogsberg was to be exposed to these sickos.

So, during a few days in November 1990 the "classic" Necrology EP was recorded. The band decided to record their entire repertoire of seven songs (which was all they had been able to spew forth during their 10 month life span). Thusly, the three demo tracks resurfaced for this recording as well, along with all the new material the band had written since the recording of the "P.A." demo. This initially was released as a vinyl EP, minus two songs ("The Succulent Aftermath of a Subdural Haemorrhage" & "An orgy of Flying Limbs and Gore") which were to appear on a split EP that was to be released after the vinyl 7". Since this EP sold relatively well, Relapse decided to cash in on this popularity, moneygrabbers that they were. The band, themselves welcomed this with open arms, as they were even bigger moneygrabbing swines. Which is quite ironic, since they haven't seen much in the way of royalties yet. (Hint hint)

Directly after recording the EP, Matti left the band to pursue his spiraling career in Dismember. The remaining three wished him luck and thusly found themselves without one of the major forces behind the band. After dithering about trying to write new songs and getting absolutely nowhere (except tentatively naming their forthcoming, and potentially non-existent, album "Sex-God-Pathology"). At this time, they decided to call it a day. As everybody knows, you're better off quitting while you're ahead. Anything to achieve a kind of mythical status among a few. Mats lay down his drum sticks, walked off into the setting sun, and was never heard from again. Rumour has it that he became a P.E. teacher, but the remaining living members of the band deny this as too horrible to be true. Jocke insisted on being heavy metal with Afflicted, before shaving off all his body hair and being one of the founding members of Face Down. Grant went back to abusing various substances and ended up studying Library & Information Science in some hellhole in the south of Sweden. This mostly happened before the EP was released (and three years before the CD), so none of the members really had any idea of how popular it would become (No, we're not exactly modest about it...) Had it been any other way, maybe the world would have been blessed with perhaps several more gore dripping insane grindcore anthems.

Approximately ten years after their short, but intense, reign of idiocy - they resurface, to the extreme consternation of everyone. Bigger,better...blah blah blah. It's pretty much the same as before, but sicker, faster and as f*cked up as ever. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.