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Gene Simmons will forever conjure up images of the tongue-wagging demon from KISS. And he should, KISS being perhaps the greatest, most accomplished, and well-known American rock band the world over. However, what most people don't know about Gene Simmons is that he is much more than that; the outspoken rock star is also an actor, author, producer, and entrepreneur.

Gene recently penned his New York Times best-selling autobiography, Kiss and Make-up. The uncensored memoir recounts Gene's life, from his childhood through his three decades with KISS. The book not only tells his life story, but also reveals an intimate glimpse into the mind of Gene Simmons from every angle --- as a rock star, business man, ladies man, father, son, and more.

Gene also recently released his very own magazine, Gene Simmons Tongue. Gene Simmons Tongue is a smash hit magazine with "Sex, Style, and Rock 'n Roll;" it combines the world of music, movies, and entertainment. The premiere issue features articles on Playboy patriarch Hugh Hefner, rap-rocker Fred Durst, and supermodel Josie Maran among others.

In addition to his new magazine, Gene has founded both Simmons Books and Simmons Audio/Video. Adding to the over 2,500 KISS licenses the band already holds, Gene is spearheading the sale of KISS KONDOMS, latex condoms dubbed as "rock 'n' rubbers."

Gene is also overseeing an all-new ongoing comic book series; Dark Horse Comics' KISS. Hot young writer Joe Casey, who has also written for Superman and X-Men, is writing the new series. According to pre-order sales, KISS #1 was this year's best-selling Dark Horse comic and is in stores now.

Gene also has an international trip planned for October, when he will be visiting the "land down under." Gene will be visiting several of Australia's major cities and speaking at 5,000-seat arenas as part of a countrywide lecture tour.

On August 27,2002, "The Very Best of KISS" a 21-track greatest hits album will hit stores. "The Very Best of KISS" is the definitive collection of songs from the band's 29 years together; the compilation promises to satisfy the musical appetites of both KISS newcomers and the most rabid fans in the "KISS Army" alike. KISS is America's #1 Gold Record Award Winners of all time.

Gene Simmons was born Chaim Witz in Israel in 1949 and moved to the United States with his mother when he was 9 years old. The two settled in Brooklyn, New York, but growing up in a foreign land wasn't easy for Gene: he had to learn English through comic books and television. When he was 13, Gene was watching the Ed Sullivan Show when The Beatles took the stage; like every other teenager across America, he was instantly hooked. His mother bought him a used guitar soon after and by 1968 Gene had been in five separate musical groups. In 1971 he met a young, talented musician with whom he would form one of America's greatest rock bands: Paul Stanley. Gene taught sixth grade for a short time, but by 1973 Gene and Paul started to write music together. They recruited drummer Peter Criss and guitarist Ace Frehley. KISS was born. The rest is rock-and-roll history.

In the 1980's, Gene began to realize his other goals. His acting career burgeoned after appearing in such feature films as Michael Crichton's RUNAWAY (1984) and WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE (1986) as well as in popular television shows like "Miami Vice." Gene also formed Simmons Records/RCA and a management company that helped oversee the recording career of Liza Minnelli among others.

In addition to his continued success with KISS, Gene has continued to pursue other interests. He produced DETROIT ROCK CITY (1999) and is in talks with studios concerning several other projects, and with a full slate of current projects-his autobiography, magazine, lecture tour, and comic book series- Gene Simmons is amongst the busiest men in show biz.

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A World Without this Hero would be boring ... | Reviewer: Jet - UK Fan | 5/21/14

I fell in love with this blood spitting demon back in 1975. I saw KISS live at the Hammersmith Odeon in London in 76 and have seen them so many times since.
I was a teen who put Gene's poster on my wall which made my mother almost faint - but looking beyond the make up, the guy is an inspiration in making you believe that nothing is impossible in achieving your dreams.
Beautiful, beautiful man - I love him.
He's smart with a kind heart and sexy - KISS have been such a huge part of my life and it's great the boys have kept going and are now celebrating their 40th anniversary.
Rock on Gene - you delicious Demon!

Genie babe! | Reviewer: dee | 8/22/11

Gene Simmons is a hard working,Intelligent Man
and I do think he is a Genius!
he seethes New York to me, he is the greatest MUSICIAN that has ever lived, Not Only the Bass..Mr Simmons sings, Plays quite a few instruments-he speaks about 4 languages, and he has the brain of an inventor! Shannon should NEVER complain! So? he's afraid of commitment. he's a HUGE gentle man! a Big teddy bear-I would totally sacrafice STUPID marraige for a cuddle with HIM every night-and he's right-Marraige really isn't that big of a deal..if you LOVE someone-well, you LOVE them..I'm sorry Mr. Simmons But Shannon Tweed is a bit high maintenance, and Poor Gene gets sooo Tired, she's draining, and I respect HIM for being so Patient-and what a wonderful father!
he's a brilliant Philosopher, he is the smartest man I've heard speak (Wish I could say "met")
Maybe some day !
he is charming, talented and Imaginative.I LOVE you Gene baby!

Gene Simmons=Rock God | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/09

OMG! I love Gene Simmons soooooooo much!!! He is by far the best bass player, writer, and actor I have seen and heard and he is also my favourite member in KISS (which is also my fav band). Most of my mates think I'm crazy to like him as much as I do but I don't care because he's AWESOME!
I must say this, even though Gene may never read it...
Gene Simmons, I LOVE YOU! Come back to Australia! =]

Dream made in America | Reviewer: Timothy A. White | 5/20/07

Mr. Simmons had a dream and worked hard for this dream and made it come true thru hard, and honest work. I am a disabled vietnam veteran and I would like to thank him for haveing the veterans on his T.V. Series Show. It will do a lot toward helping our veterans.

Dream made in America | Reviewer: Timothy A. White | 5/20/07

I think that Mr Simmons accomplished the dream that every body that works hard can make there dream come true. I am a disabled vietnam veteran and I would like to thank Mr. Simmons for haveing our Veterans on his T.V. Series. Thanks again Mr. Simmons.

Awesomo | Reviewer: Kara | 10/18/04

Gene Simmions is soo awesome he's soo fine...I love KISS!!!

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