Gavin DeGraw Albums

  • Make A Move Album (10/15/2013)
    Best I Ever Had
    Make a Move
    Finest Hour
    I'm Gonna Try
    Who's Gonna Save Us
    Everything Will Change
    Every Little Bit
    Different for Girls
    Leading Man

  • Sweeter Album (9/20/2011)
    Not Over You
    Run Every Time
    You Know Where I'm At
    Where You Are
    Spell It Out

  • Free Album (3/31/2009)
    Indian Summer
    Mountains To Move
    Lover Be Strong
    Dancing Shoes
    Why Do Men Stray

  • Gavin DeGraw Album (5/6/2008)
    In Love with a Girl
    Next to Me
    Cheated on Me
    I Have You to Thank
    Cop Stop
    Young Love
    Medicate the Kids
    She Holds A Key
    Let It Go
    We Belong Together

  • Chariot Album (7/22/2003)

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    Reviews about Gavin DeGraw albums

    hi | Reviewer: jane
        ------ About the album Free performed by Gavin DeGraw

    My Dear,

    I am happy with what i gone through your profile , Decided to contact you never you be surprised and reply me so that i shall sending to you my pictures and tell you about me as its better knowing as well.
    Faithfully Jane Isaac

    i love you gavin! | Reviewer: Demi
        ------ About the album Chariot performed by Gavin DeGraw

    OmG your lyk totaly hot an im in love wid ya song i dont wanna be it seroiusly `is the most rad song eva..i eako it mkes ppl belie in dem selfs and be who day wanna be..ur my hero!! sikest song alive = D

    A star is born! | Reviewer: Sophie
        ------ About the album Chariot performed by Gavin DeGraw

    As the first tune came out of my speakers, my first thougth was; He's gonna be HUGE!!! The lyrics are deeply felt, and the melodies are just brilliant. My personal favorit is ´´I don't want to be´´, which many will recognize from the tv- show ´´One Tree Hill´´. I felt like it was me he was singing about, the true fact that I don't want to be anyone else than me. When I listened to the hole record through, I had this feeling of being happy. That's what I think this record is about. It's a taste of reality in the lyrics, and it's nice to hear someone who does'nt just sing about love and hurt. DeGraw has every right to be proud of this record because it's simply great!!

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