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Bob Mould Gauze Of Friendship Lyrics

Last updated: 02/22/2007 11:00:00 AM

You think you love him
Or someone like him
He reminds you of a boy you dated once or twice
Just about the same size
Just about the same eyes
The only difference being the cadence in his voice

So much in common
Moving out of caption
Or silky like the spider's web
So fragile in the wind
And the chains that bind us
Serving to remind us
Anchors hold the ships at bay
When high tides rush in

Ahh now maybe your tattoo
Or a name lit in the tile
I guess you think he's staying for a while
Or something to remember
A feign and distant smile
I bet you plan on staying for a while
I guess you plan on staying for a while

It's kinda frantic
We all long to be romantic
You try to give yourself away
And hope he never leaves
But nothing matters
When heart goes pitter-patter
No sense of uncondition
It's me who you deceived

Ah yeah, a window with a view
A present, past and future
Wrapped in the gauze of friendship anew
And mothers without fathers
To help install the colours
Wrapped in the gauze of friendship anew

It's kinda funny
Today it might turn sunny
The birds are coming back from winter flights away
And if you miss them
Ah you should wish them
A welcome back from both of us
And hope that they might stay