Gatsby's American Dream Albums

  • Gatsby's American Dream Album (8/8/2006)
    You All Everybody
    We Can Remember It For You Wholesale
    Badd Beat
    My Name Is Ozymandias
    Margaritas And Cock
    Station 5: The Pearl
    Shadow Of The Colossus
    Filthy Beasts
    Looks Like The Real Thing
    Me And Ed Loyce
    The White Mountains

  • Volcano Album (4/12/2005)
    The Guilt Engine
    A Mind Of Metal And Wheels
    The Giant's Drink
    Shhhhhh! I'm Listening To Reason
    Meet Me At The Tavern In Bowerstone
    Your Only Escape
    The Hunter
    Speaker For The Dead
    The Loosing Of The Shadow

  • In The Land Of Lost Monsters Album (7/6/2004)
    Yes, This Is About You
    A Conversation With The Devil
    I Smell An Agenda
    You Stole My Story
    Red, Red, Blue
    The Badlands
    The Dragon Of Pendor

  • Ribbons and Sugar Album (6/1/2003)
    The Taming / Instrumental
    We're Not Orphans
    Work Lies Sex Love Fear Hate Friendship
    A Manifesto Of Tangible Wealth
    Snicker At The Swine
    Cut The Strings
    The Horse You Rode In On
    Recondition, Reprogram, Reactivate
    Counterfeit Language

  • Why We Fight Album (5/17/2002)

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