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Dimmu Borgir Gateways Lyrics

Last updated: 09/04/2012 03:10:13 PM

The core principal of freedom
is the only notion to obey
the formulae of evolution and sin
leading the way

The rebirth is near completion
As we slowly awaken, from slumber

*The malpractice of the spirit ends*
*When the gift is once again attained*
*No rules or restraints are longer valid*
*When the ancient future is reclaimed*

It's all there for the eyes that can see
The blind ones will always suffer in secrecy
For it is the omen
Of what lies submerged - Breeding
Untouched within us - Bleeding

To receive the light that shines in darkness
The light that shines forevermore

Be the broken or the breaker
*Be the giver or the undertaker*
unlock and open the doors
*Be the healer or the faker*
The keys are in your hands
*Realise you are your own sole creator*
Of your own masterplan
Thanks to Metal Bob for submitting Gateways Lyrics.