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Gate9 are the nicest guys in doom. In the summer of the
year 2000 the three members got together to jam and
doomalong. Their musical careers included more odd styles
and genres and we care to mention, but a fascination for
the darker, heavier and noisier sections of the world of
music was their common denominator.

The first half year or so, they spent writing material and
eating pastry (mostly pies and an occasional Danish).

The music turned out to be slow and low. The gaters found
their pastes and tastes to fit each other very More...

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YXiMGyIRAnjNpLHo | Reviewer: Tyler
    ------ About the song Dwarves of Might performed by Gate 9

I love these stories. I'm wnoedring if she still see's ghosts and dwarfs and other beings from the astral realm? It is so much easier for children to see these beings that adults can't see . some say because they have just newly come from the astral realm themselves and are not yet fully rooted into this world and others say it's because we haven't taught them yet that these beings are not real. I personally think it is a combination of both . some people of course never lose their ability to be open to seeing. I believe that we all still have the ability if we could only open it back up.I have had a few experiences but not as many as I would like to have and Steffie has had a lil ghost friend since she could speak even a few words . and she see's the spirits in our home one lady in particular.Keep the stories coming A Lil Enchanted,~LaShan~ LaShan s last blog ..

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