Gary Moore Lyrics

Gary Moore is acknowledged as one of the finest musicians
that the British Isles has ever produced. In a career that
dates back to the 1960s, there are few musical genres that
he has not turned his adroit musical hand to, and has
graced the line-ups ever several notable rock bands, Thin
Lizzy, Colosseum II and Skid Row to name but three.

Gary Moore was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on April
4th 1952. Like many others, he was turned on to rock and
roll first through hearing Elvis Presley, and then via The
Beatles. Seeing the More...

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Submit Gary Moore New Lyrics

Review about Gary Moore songs
testimonies | Reviewer: happy
    ------ About the song I Loved Another Woman performed by Gary Moore

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my ex return peacefully | Reviewer: Hope
    ------ About the song I Loved Another Woman performed by Gary Moore is AMAZING!!! I’ve had several readings him and he’s been accurate, forthcoming, and easy to communicate with in every single one. He was able to tell me things that no other spiritual worker could – answers that I’ve long waited to her. I finally feel now after so many years of searching for answers that my life is getting back on track. His work is fast and results are noteworthy. I am thankful to him and his staff and look forward to more readings in the future.

    ------ About the song I Loved Another Woman performed by Gary Moore

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ALL 3 of the Kings of Blues | Reviewer: Del Bridge
    ------ About the song King Of The Blues performed by Gary Moore

This is about ALL of the Kings of the Blues.

BB King was born in Indianola, MS and has guitar named Lucille (Lucy). BB's song, Why I Play the Blues mentions "paid my dues" (pay his dues).

Freddie King is named and is mentioned down in Dallas where he lived at one time and his song Palace of the King is noted.

Albert King is not only referred to by name but is mentioned by his songs, Born Under a Bad Sign, Laundromat Blues, Almost Lost My Mind, and Crosscut Saw.

This is actually brilliantly written and there are probably even more hints within the lyrics.

Re. 'Johnny Boy' | Reviewer: Tove
    ------ About the song Johnny Boy performed by Gary Moore

To 'Paul'

Your thoughts about 'Johnny Boy'; Well, I think we are some out here with the same thoughts, BUT Gary Moore is a good poet, too, he has a great ability too combine things (Parisienne Walkways; in this song he and Phil made a great co-work! with music and the ambiguity lyrics).
As far as I know Johnny Cash lived in Ireland for some years and developed a great love for 'the Emerald-country (islands)'. Heard him singing Danny Boy? (Written by Frederick Weatherly in 1910).
In the title song 'Black Rose', Thin Lizzy and Gary Moore, (read the booklet in the CD) 'Danny Boy' is one part of the medley of Irish melodies.
Gary Moore "talks" about Phil in many beautiful ways in his songs.
I've never read about this, I just have an idea Gary Moore in Johnny Boy combines the concept of Danny Boy in many ways... Anyone out there having knowledge about this? The best source is Gary Moore himself...

Brilliant song | Reviewer: Paul
    ------ About the song Johnny Boy performed by Gary Moore

This is one of my many favourite Gary Moore tracks. Just wish I could find more info on it.

I strongly feel that this song is about missing Phil Lynott who had died not long before this album was made. As you may know, Gary and Phil go way back with Thin Lizzy.

Albert KING of the Blues! | Reviewer: ShawnCurle
    ------ About the song King of the Blues performed by Gary Moore

Did you not check out the lyrics??? Gary Moore is talking about Albert King not BB. You probably are not a guitar player and I wont fault you for that...But Albert is by far the best of the 'Kings'. Sorry, but EVERYONE who plays the Blues knows that! Besides,cconstant, Gary Moore made a video of this tune and it features ALBERT KING in it.Need I say moore?

One of my favorites | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Loner performed by Gary Moore

This is one of my favorite instrumental guitar songs and melodies of all time-the guitar just SINGS all the way through it. One of the most beautiful melodies I've ever heard, it truly feels like the saga of someone who's alone in the world. I wouldn't hesitate to call it hauntingly beautiful.

Albert King | Reviewer: william
    ------ About the song King of the Blues performed by Gary Moore

The song is about one of the other 3 king's of the blues: Albert King. It's even in the lyrics: "That's right, mister Albert King of the blues."

And his guitar was named Lucy (BB King called all his guitars Lucille).

Albert King was born in 1923 although some sources say 1924.

So Gary did not make any mistakes in the lyrics ;-)

BB | Reviewer: cconstant
    ------ About the song King of the Blues performed by Gary Moore

This song is obviously about BB King.
Every where it says about 'Lucy' I think the lyric is meant to be "Lucille", which is basically BB's guitar.
BB was born in 1925 not '24 but i thing that just because it sings better and furthermore BB was indeed born in Mississippi and is the king of the blues.
Would like to hear other thoughts.

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