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'He tells stories. The other thing is, he’s a captivating
performer. He’s really serious about what he’s doing, he
works really hard, and you throw that whole package
together and you’ve got an artist who, in my opinion, could
quite easily be selling out 2000 or 3000 seat venues.' Nic
Harcourt, host, Morning Becomes Eclectic, KCRW, Los Angeles

Trading Snakeoil For Wolftickets is Gary Jules’ second
album. It gives space to Gary’s ghostly timbre, his
delicate guitar playing and his vivid stories about HIS Los
Angeles. Not the LA of More...

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Review about Gary Jules songs
A song that has always hit at home. | Reviewer: Asa
    ------ About the song Mad World performed by Gary Jules

As somebody who suffers on a daily basis from suicidal depression and being completely excluded from the world, having no friends, and a family that wants nothing to do with me, I find that this song is honestly one of the few I can't even listen to when I feel well, because for me, the dreams in which I die really ARE the best I have. I've been ignored by everybody who's ever met me. I don't even get to live, I just exist. Maybe if our respective countries didn't treat mental illness as an 'excuse,' instead of the soul-crushing cancer that it can be, things would not be the same. Maybe I could get appropriate treatments and help to return me to a normal state... It won't happen in my lifetime, though. I've already tried drinking myself to death, stabbing myself to death, and even had a loaded 12 gauge to the roof of my mouth.

A pain in soul of a girl loves a gay man | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Mad World performed by Gary Jules

This song is what I relate to the world that becomes more messy when I aware the mess of this world about sexes (boys like boys, girls like girls, girls like gays... and gays like lesbians (as going back to traditional like the case of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie)

will | Reviewer: john
    ------ About the song Mad World performed by Gary Jules

will if you have lived with people and without, lonely life and are smart enough,
this song tells the life's misty of all man kind, this is some thing u get or u don't if u do will your close if u don't u will in another life times b/c there is no nat getting it .....

Loved it | Reviewer: Rebecca
    ------ About the song Falling Awake performed by Gary Jules

I can't remember where i heard this song for the first time,but i remember that the first time i heard it,i thought it was just a simple song,but in the second time,i played it and just closed my eyes and remembered some flashbacks of my life,and the tears just came streaming across mu face like a waterfall and i couldn't stop them!it's just too amazing,it's hard to find a song like that these days.

my opinion | Reviewer: bonnie madrigal
    ------ About the song Mad World performed by Gary Jules

it's about how some feels left out not only by their friends but also their family.
"All around me are familiar faces
worn out places, worn out faces" what he means by this is that he's tried of seeing the same faces over and over again.
"And I find it kind of funny
I find it kind of sad
The dreams in which I'm dying
Are the best I've ever had
I find it hard to tell you
I find it hard to take" that his dreams feel like it's the only happy place he can be and when he wakes u[ he finds it funny that its not true.
"Children waiting for the day they feel good
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday
And I feel the way that every child should
Sit and listen, sit and listen" that a child feels happy on his/her birthday because he's with people he/she cares about. (that's wat i think it means but hey i could be wrong.)

Too much whining? | Reviewer: Erin
    ------ About the song Mad World performed by Gary Jules

As someone who can relate to this song, it has nothing to do with loosing our childhood "bounce". You can have all of your childhood friends around you and still feel alone. It just happens. Sometimes life just kicks you when you're down with or without your friends around. Why don't YOU read the song again and then try to look at it from another person's point of view. Especially if that person happens to have depression. Which can happen no matter how many friends you have.

So true | Reviewer: Jose
    ------ About the song Mad World performed by Gary Jules

This song is true to most teens and adults surprisingly. Many people go trough the same thing day after day after day it just and endless cycle of sorrow and dispair. I am in love with someone and I probably will never be with her ever she loves a man named Matt and I wish Courtney (the girl I love) can notice me when I'm gone everytime I talk a out her she talks about Matt and I made a prank on her she know hates me and Matt is with her I can't even try to make her mine and at the end it will kill me. I see where this song is coming from.

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Falling Awake performed by Gary Jules

Its a great song, and I don't watch Gray's anatomy, so I came across this song just searching Gary Jules on Youtube.

I love his music, he's an artist who's worth much more than one or two famous songs.

To MELISSA | Reviewer: CJB
    ------ About the song Falling Awake performed by Gary Jules

Firstly, you're all petty who cares how anybody heard the song just answer the damn girls question.

The best I have and I'm no poet is:

You have no control, those who love you, will screw you. You're an "eagle in the dark"
Eagles are not nocturnal, so you're out of place, but being forced out of place. Which coincides with:
"You never get to choose
You live on what they send you
And you know they're gonna use
Things you love against you"

I think falling awake is about the realization of what the world or one loved one expects from you; however you might not be the type of person to perform such deeds, that you may deem wrong or just difficult.

"I could learn to play the game
Could learn to run the hustle
If I only had the brains
The money or the muscle"

PS Stop bitching about why the song got heard, who cares. It got heard, that's all that matters.

to the guy saying its so typical of todays society | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Mad World performed by Gary Jules

this song was written in the 80's and was intended to be from the perspective of a teenager,when there IS no hope and NOTHING will ever change,in their mind.its supposed to be hopeless and before you tell us to read more into the lyrics,you might want to do the same,and do a little research too.

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