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Tell me
Just what you want me to be
One kiss
And boom you're the only one for me
So please tell me why
Don't you come around no more?
'Cause right now I'm cryin'
Outside the door
Of the candy store

It just takes a little bit of this, a little bit of that
It started with a kiss now we're up to bat
A little bit of laughs, a little bit of pain
I'm tellin' you my babe, its all in the game of love--

Whatever you make it to be
Sunshine instead of this cold, lonely sea
So please baby try
And use me for what I'm good for
It ain't sayin' goodbye
Its knockin' down the door
Of your candy store


You roll me, control me, console me
Please hold me!
You guide me, divide me into whole--yeah!

(Make me feel good--yeah!)

So please tell me why
Don't you come around no more?
'Cause right now I'm dyin'
Outside the door
Of your lovin' store


Its all in this game of love, its all in the game of love
All in the game of love
(A little bit of this, a little bit of that)
You roll me, control me, please hold me
(A little bit of laughs, a little bit of pain)
And I'm here on my own...on my own

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Not necessarily to a guy | Reviewer: Sea | 1/15/12

She's not necessarily singing to a guy. I think she's singing it to her female lover. "Use me for what I'm good for" expresses feelings of profound love and our almost overwhelming desire to have our love, the loftiest of our emotions, perhaps the only unsoiled thing about us, the thing we need most and cannot live without, the balm, the cure to what ails us--accepted and allowed to work its powerful magic in our beloved. And anyone that thinks "You roll me, control me, console, please hold me. You guide me, divide me into whole--yeah!" doesn't speak about lesbian love doesn't know anything about the passion of lesbian love.

Misogyny of Lyrics | Reviewer: CaptRuss | 6/15/11

This is a superbly written, performed and produced song. One of my favorites. Those who think it's degrading to women by suggesting that the "poor" woman can't be complete without a man are missing the point completely. Although sung by Michelle Branch, it was actually written and produced by Gregg Alexander (writing as Alex Ander) Richard Knowles. There is no gender in the lyrics. Her interpretation of a song written by two men about unrequited love is amazing. Not all songs are autobiographical. Songwriters often write songs based on the experience of others. It's a beautiful song, but a song is just a song until a talented artist breathes life into it. Perhaps Michelle had a similar experience that helps her relate and that helps her give such a passionate performance. Maybe she's just caught up in the creative process that allows her to do what she loves to do.

Great song! | Reviewer: John | 3/11/11

I love this song. I love the latin percussion, Santana's guitar playing, the trumpet, and of course Michelle's vocals. It just makes me happy when I hear it. Oh, for those wondering about other collaborations between Michelle and Santana--there is another song if you search for it.

Very much enjoyed this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/10

It's something we've all felt. The song expresses strong emotions; she was kissed by this guy and has felt more than she anticipated. Clearly she thought it was going somewhere and the guy strung her along. "So please tell me why
Don't you come around no more" and "Tell me just what you want me to be," is referring to her ambiguous interpretation of her relationship with him, or her worth to him. Ie-(does he want me to be his woman or am I just another notch on his belt)One kiss or not, she's confused and emotionally involved at this point. We've all been there. If you don't like the song, don't listen to it.

Tired same old thing | Reviewer: Jackie | 6/10/10

Wah. I'm a weak woman who can't be without a man.

Some of these lyrics are downright offensive.

"Please try to use me for what I'm good for." WTF? Since 1920 women have been trying to be respected as more than just sexual objects and cooks, and Michelle Branch is setting us back about 90 years with lyrics like that.

I guess it's possible I could be misconstruing the meaning of her lyrics, in that case, I'd love to ear what exactly was meant by that.

it moves me!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/8/10

I love this song, I don't think it's superficial or stupid at all, it really talk about what love feels like... really, when you like someone and you get to kiss it's like wow, if you felt something, it becomes so strong, and yes, when you stop seeing this person you feel like dying... the voice she shows it's more mature than her previous works :)

Holy cow anonymous 09/14/09 | Reviewer: doesntmatter | 9/22/09

WOW---paranoid much? It's just a song. And it's a great song. You obviously have personal "men" issues. I'm so sorry you hate them so much. Santana is a great artist who takes the time to help younger artists. Too bad your so blind. I feel sorry for you.

Immature | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/09

This is the kind of crap that reinforces the idea that women are a bunch of empty-headed babies. It starts with, "Just tell me what you want me to be." The singer is not her own person, she is a jellyfish wanting the ocean to float her this way and that. She didn't care about the man until he kissed her, they clearly were not friends or close in any way, but as soon as he kissed her, "Bam." No she is crying and dying outside his candy store. Another reference to women being mindless and immature. He has all the power, she wants to know what he wants her to be while she cries for him and there is no indication what he feels, if anything, for her. Santana unfortunately plays with a lot of crappy bubblegum performers nowadays, and the explanation is simple: Money.

game in my Love | Reviewer: RANIE | 7/2/08

I think this is a wonderful song. This is one song where there is a perfect blend of lyrics, and instrumentals into a perfect combination. I think it's a wonderful collaboration, Micchelle Branch and Santana. Awesome!! For MY LOVE AKBAR, Psychology'UII

Santana-Branch: combination for a lovely hit | Reviewer: Daniel | 4/1/08

Santana's ability to create and perform plus talent of young vocalist Michelle added up to rock the music world with such a delightful melody. Amazing combination, which to my modest opinion, should have been regarded as one of the Grammy's song of the year nomination, as a follow up of its predecessor, the highly acclaimed hit, Santana-Rob Thomas "Smooth"

Love this song. | Reviewer: Diane A. Fiore | 1/31/08

I love this song so much. This song is an outward view of the kind of person am in my heart and soul. It is my song to a guy named Robert S. He was such a blessing. Now I can't have him but I love him and will never stop wishing and praying for a so-badly-wanted second chance. Love you forever...

great song | Reviewer: janshin | 10/29/07

yah, this song is so great. it can bright up your mood. this is my fave song when im happy. and the way santana plays the guitar, great. also, michelle branch has that awesome voice, really fits the song.
over all, perfect song. but still, check out the original version by tina turner, its not that great though, but surely you will laugh on how the way tina sang it.

PERFECTION | Reviewer: kevin | 10/26/07

I agree with one of the reviewers, I would love to see an album with Santana and Michelle Branch, I think it's a wonderful collaboration, at least with this song. If they can do something similar it would be amazing. I'm thinking the same with Timabaland/Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado, combined they were really able to come up with something of perfection.

Supero Kool^^ | Reviewer: Shuichi | 8/1/07

This Song Is Amazing...It's Suitable For EVERY Ocation,<When You Are Sad,It Cheers You Up,When You Are Angry,It Cools You Down,And When You Are Happy It's Relaxing To Hear This Song^^ Completely Love It^^

An all time geat song | Reviewer: Steve Laib | 7/31/07

This is one song where there is a perfect blend of lyrics, and instrumentals into a perfect combination. I have had very little interest in Santana even back when the group first came out. I have not found much else by M. Branch that I like either. The combination here is sheer perfection, which suggests that they should continue the collaboration, if they can replicate the combined sound they achieved here.

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