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Ely Joe Gamblers Bride Lyrics

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Hello, my babe. I'm back to stay
You're sure wearing fine pretty things.
But where is your ring, your ring and chain
I gave you last summer in the fallin' rain?

"Your ring," she said, "You've been gone so long.
I gave your ring away
I met a man, a gamblin' man.
Said he would buy me the Milky Way."

Away, Away. I've been away.
I've been so many miles.
Where is the smile that once lit your face?
It seems a tear has taken is place

"My smile," she sighed, with a look a little wild,
"My smile it is possessed.
I met a man, a gamblin' man.
Said he would buy me happiness."

I never, I never
You know I never
I never had much to give
But I gave you my heart
Now where is your heart?
It was all that I had from the very start.

"My heart," she cried, " It has been bought."
She looked at me with fear.
"I married that man, that gamblin' man
Who'd shoot you if he found you here."

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