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Gallows are a hardcore punk band from Hertfordshire,
England, formed in 2005. They consist of Frank Carter
(vocals), Stephen Carter (guitar), Stuart Gili-Ross (bass),
Laurent Barnard (guitar), and Lee Barratt (drums). They
were signed to Warner Bros. Records but were subsequently
dropped by the label after only selling 50 000 copies of
their second studio album worldwide.

Gallows released their debut album, Orchestra Of Wolves, in
2006. It was distributed in the United States by
independent label Epitaph in 2007. Epitaph founder and More...

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Reviews about Gallows songs

Interesting... | Reviewer: me
    ------ About the song Orchestra Of Wolves performed by Gallows

I first listened to this song on the It's A Misery Business album, on first listen, I thought this song was awful and I flicked past it straight away but then went back and listened to it again, ignoring the annoying screaming (this is my own opinion) and then it hit me... the guitars made this song far better, so after listening to it a few times, the screaming became bearable...

Pretty Good | Reviewer: Will
    ------ About the song Abandon Ship performed by Gallows

I liked this song. It's catchy, energetic, and fun to listen to. My one problem with it would have to be the profanity. It seems like it's more for shock value than for lyrical enhancement.

All in all, a good song.

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