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It hurts when you have to press that dull little thing
That you're only supposed to use once and then discard
Where do you put it? In the garbage can, my honest friend
My shyness, pet her flow

She's only been five months late, even though we haven't had sex for a week

A meal a day, a meal, I say
And my heart's made my ...

Somebody else already used the word 'aurora-borealis'
She was tied up in chains, and Sam had helped her in the freezer

She's only five weeks late, but I haven't had a date forever ...
Ever ... ever ... forever!

Wish I had more ... more opportunity,
More chances to remember some things
So I couldn't have so much pressure on my ...
On my ... on my, um ... ah, on my ... um ... um ... head

We'd have so much more diversity,
And so much more input, so much more creative flow,
If we had someone in school, a 'GIT' ...

GIT ... geeks ... in ... town.
Ha! ... Come on, Dave, think of one ... !
- Girls with trouble
It should be GIC, geeks with charvels
No, GWC, fuck man this is a waste of time ...


One more solo? Yeahhhhhhhhh! Yeaaaahhhhh!

You're ... personally responsible for, uhh ...
The entire strip ... to be washed away ...
Cleansed ... as if gallons of, um, rubbing alcohol
Flowed through the strip and were set on fire.

It didn't just singe the hair, it made it straight.
And then Perry Ellis came along with his broom,
And his ... silk ...
And he ... he erected a beautiful city ...
A city of stars.

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Havn't had sex for weeks | Reviewer: Havn't had sex for weeks | 4/9/11

The doors are the only band i know of that has ever improvised as good as nirvana there both 2 of my favorite bands and kurt and jim both died at 27 as well but i dont even know man the raw beauty and slowness ive only heard in "when the musics over" by the doors this song is just so amazing

Ravens sucking on a woman's nipple... | Reviewer: Jordyn Blue | 3/10/11

Beautiful. I'm usually one for classic music, like Mozart and such, and folk music like Joanna Newsom. Just soft melodies. But something about Nirvana makes my brain this... Thing, that eats it up and it can't stop and I have to get more. There is nothing compared to Nirvana. It's like an endless high, an addiction I guess. From the first time I heard them with "Moist Vagina" it was an incredible high and every time I listen to a song I'm getting that high over and over... Crack Cocaine... And Meth... And something like marijuana that makes everything better.

OMFG! | Reviewer: Manuela | 5/8/10

OMFG!How could anyone be any better?I can't even describe what I feel when I hear them,or even when I think about hearing them...there's not even a single song that's not great,like,they haven't made a word that describe what nirvana was and is,by the time they were what they were!

Since day one! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/10

I have been a Nirvana fan since Bleach - I just love the spontenaity and the freedom and the stark rawness and vulnerability. It is raw emotion and creativity. It is what it is and doesn't nfake sh__.! Kurt was awsome. Dave is still awsome. He kept up with the evolution of the music. Peace Love Empathy

It's not meaningless | Reviewer: Alb | 2/28/10

At the song "If you must" there's a verse when he says "I speak... to hear... my voice."
I think this should be taken in account here as a meaning of the lyrics.

I don't think the verses are meaningless, or just three guys having fun with throw away lyrics. Maybe I'm wrong, but the meaning must be there, but it's like Kurt is speaking with himself about stuff that only he knows. So we cannot know what he's talking about, unless he explains it with words. But he knew. For us... for me, at least, the song sounds great. It's like those strange paintings where there's nothing to see, but make you feel good when you look at them or look beautiful with the sorroundings.

Greetings from Albania. Nirvana is the best musical thing that has happened to my ears.

@ angie | Reviewer: braten | 12/25/09

yes, i heard all apologies, too, and then 15 minutes or so there was nothing, but then - oh my god, it's awesome, one of my favorite nirvana songs :) (gallons of rubbing alcohol flow through the strip)
i can't really describe... but that's nirvana! who can really describe their songs? the songs are so deep, they may seem to be complete sonsense at first, but when you think about the songtext carefully, you may find the meaning and you understand cobain/nirvana, you may know, what they thought about the song... and there isn't only one meaning - if you ask 10 people for the meaning, you probably get 5 different answers. ahhh and the sound of the music :D

greetings from germany ;)

Gallons of Pure Genius | Reviewer: Izzy | 11/4/09

This song is a great example of how awesome Nirvana were. It was just three guys screwing around and having fun, and yet it works as a song.
If any band today tried to do free-form like these guys did, they'd be shot down.

hidden track | Reviewer: angie | 4/8/09

first i listened to "all apologies" and relized that it was like 20 minutes left when the song was done, so i searched forward in the track and found this! it's great, i love those song when they joke around and laughs and stuff. i always wondered what it was called, i just found out now. it's a looong title ;). by the way, nirvana is the best band ever, R.I.P. kurdt<3

virgin | Reviewer: lucy | 6/2/07

if this song was written on the spot in when it was recorded cause thats what it seems like . then its amazing:) ahah well either way its awesome!

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