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Come on, come on, come on, come on

(Together) We will go our way
(Together) We will leave someday
(Together) Your hand in my hands
(Together) We will make our plans

(Together) We will fly so high
(Together) Tell all our friends goodbye
(Together) We will start life new
(Together) This is what we'll do

(Go West) Life is peaceful there
(Go West) In the open air
(Go West) Where the skies are blue
(Go West) This is what we're gonna do

(Go West, this is what we're gonna do, Go West)

(Together) We will love the beach
(Together) We will learn and teach
(Together) Change our pace of life
(Together) We will work and strive

(I love you) I know you love me
(I want you) How could I disagree?
(So that's why) I make no protest
(When you say) You will do the rest

(Go West) Life is peaceful there
(Go West) In the open air
(Go West) Baby you and me
(Go West) This is our destiny (Aah)

(Go West) Sun in wintertime
(Go West) We will do just fine
(Go West) Where the skies are blue
(Go West) this is what we're gonna do

There where the air is free
We'll be (We'll be) what we want to be (Aah aah aah aah)
Now if we make a stand (Aah)
We'll find (We'll find) our promised land (Aah)

(I know that) There are many ways
(To live there) In the sun or shade
(Together) We will find a place
(To settle) Where there's so much space

(Without rush) And the pace back east
(The hustling) Rustling just to feed
(I know I'm) Ready to leave too
(So that's what) We are gonna do

(What we're gonna do is
Go West) Life is peaceful there
(Go West) There in the open air
(Go West) Where the skies are blue
(Go West) This is what we're gonna do

(Life is peaceful there)
Go West (In the open air)
Go West (Baby, you and me)
Go West (This is our destiny)

Come on, come on, come on, come on

(Go West) Sun in wintertime
(Go West) We will feel just fine
(Go West) Where the skies are blue
(Go West) This is what we're gonna do

(Come on, come on, come on)
(Go West)

(Go West)
(Go, ooh, go, yeah)
(Go West)
(Go, ooh, go, yeah)
(Go West)
(Go, ooh, go, yeah)
(Go West)
(Go, ooh, go, yeah)
(Gimme a feelin')
(Gimme a feelin')
(Go West)
(Gimme a feelin')
(Gimme a feelin')
(Go West)
(Gimme a feelin')
(Gimme a feelin')

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To the guy saying it is anticommunist: | Reviewer: Moinaldo | 5/31/14

@against communism | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/24/10:

Who is the stupid here?? did not you watch the video?? why would you have a RED statue of liberty and Lennin showing the way??? If the video was anticommunist, it would have shown a decaying USSR and the troops migrating to the USA... normal USA not a red one.

When people try to orient themselves they stand looking to the north, you have the north in front and the west to the left... everyone knows what the left-wing politics mean.

So, next time before calling someone stupid, learn to use your brain and not to believe what your """"""free nation""""""" makes you think.

with out music | Reviewer: cilica | 10/21/12

hi..Iam cilica from Saudi Arbia.. we are a big fans of your song [go west] since we saw it in a playstation game in 2004..we would love to hear it without music because our religion does not allow us to hear music..can you do it , pleasssssssssssse..thanks alot

Love the rhythm since the very first time I heard it | Reviewer: tycll | 10/19/11

I've heard this song long time ago but never got to know its name until recently. Just dont understand why the song is gay related.

In addition, I dont think the rhythm has anthing to do with Pachelbel's canon.

masz racje :) | Reviewer: artie | 9/8/11

to PolishGirl1990 | 5/8/09

>Am I the only one who thinks that this song is an irony of West Europe and USA?

masz racje! :)
yep, you might be right! at least, I want to think so. not because I dislike western culture or something (I actually do appreciate western ideology, mindset and way of living. I've been to USA and Canada and REALLY enjoyed being there, and dream of coming back someday), but because irony is a good thing as it helps to stay unprejudiced. there are no just "good" or "bad" things or regimes. even so called "communism" had some advantages (although not so many of them :)) before capitalism. so, this song might really be a good and smart joke about all the political stereotypes...

with best wishes,
Artie, ukraine.

Thought | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/11

This is about the east and west german estates :) during those times the usa controlled the west which was of course a free place. thats why they say together we will go our way. letting east germans know that together they could rise and outrule dicatorship and the Nazi system :) they also mention the air is free becuase there was much pollution due to the factories the jews gypsies and blacks in the ghetto back then

against communism | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/24/10

arturoabraham, you're stupid! have you watched the video? You haven't understood anything. This song was just against the communism in the eastern Europe. And it was right and true to go west to the freedom and hope, for a best future.

New spirit reveals | Reviewer: TiyoWidodo | 10/31/10

Every time I listen to the song suddenly my emotion erupts. I truly wonder how Pet Shop Boys could make such full-of-spirit masterpiece. There seem no way to go back to sadness. I really love this song.

iron(y) curtain | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/15/10

please, next time before you make such judgements about eastern and central europe try not to think in such colonial manner. west became percieved a promise land 1989., not before. as alexei yurchak would say, we lived in "everything was forever until it was no more", in our everyday life we didn't think of the western toys, guys :)) that's just what colonial west likes to think about us.

greetings from ex-yu

It's interesting how many people are trying to obscure the facts here. | Reviewer: fact check | 12/15/09

The title comes from a quote attributed to newspaper man and politician Horace Greeley: "Go West, young man, go West, and grow up with the country." Greeley used the phrase in an 1865 editorial in support of his very liberal ideas about colonization of the western frontier of the United States of America where one could take whatever he wanted and make his own rules. It in no way was meant as old world vs. new world, or The East (Asia, Eastern Europe) vs. The West (Western Europe, The Americas).

The song lyrics were written by Jacques Morali, Henri Belolo, and Victor Willis as a Village People original. (Willis was the policeman/lead vocalist of the group.) The song spoke of leaving the uptight, fast-paced, religiously conservative, impersonal east coast of the US and moving to the west coast, specifically San Francisco where gay men from all of the country were flocking to be free and easy and laid back and make their own rules. It in no way was meant as old world vs. new world, or The East (Asia, Eastern Europe) vs. The West (Western Europe, The Americas).

The original performance of "Go West" by Pet Shop Boys was at a 1992 AIDS Benefit concert organized by filmmaker Derek Jarman. In typical fashion, Chris Lowe chose the song because of the ironic and bittersweet nature of such a bold anthem of personal expression and potential hedonism being recorded and celebrated at the very moment that HIV/AIDS was spreading throughout the gay community of the very same San Francisco (and other cities), completely unknown. It in no way was meant as old world vs. new world, or The East (Asia, Eastern Europe) vs. The West (Western Europe, The Americas).

Pet Shop Boys later decided to record their wistful version of the song and produce the much discussed video, acknowledging the facts that had occurred in the 15 years since the original. The video incorporated Soviet imagery, but not as other have described here. The point being made was similar to all the gay men flocking to San Francisco where they would encounter HIV/AIDS -- the Soviet Union had, rather than making its own rules, fallen apart almost immediately leaving the people, at least for the moment, in a worse situation than they had been before.

One note: Saying that "Go West" is a gay-themed song is not homophobic. The song IS a gay-themed song. It was always a gay-themed song. I realize most of the people who write crap like that are fourteen years old and have never left southern Indiana, but come on guys.

Be carefull This song is about suicide!! | Reviewer: arturoabraham | 10/16/09

Hey! dont you guys know that this song s about suicide! about kill your self.. is not about America or West Countries..

Go West is an English Idiom which means Die, Suicide, or kill your self!..
In English you can sayfor instance..
THe last year my Grand Mother Went west! it means.. she died!

review the song.. it makes sense!

and please Study more English please!

Irony? | Reviewer: PolishGirl1990 | 5/8/09

Am I the only one who thinks that this song is an irony of West Europe and USA? Of course in 80's people from East and Centre Europe thought that life in the 'West" is a paradise because of Communism. People couldn't buy toys for children, fashion clothes and even sweets or fruit, so when they compared both cultures, 'West' seemed to be so colorful. But I think this song shows that this stereotype about USA isn't true and living in USA isn't as 'peaceful' and perfect as those people believed. Sorry for my poor english (I'm Polish)

Love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/31/09

1 you people think he was saying gay like a homo. saying back in the gay "human" used say this movie was quite gay, this play was gay. gay isn't a homo word as you fuckheads put it now days back then gay meant "happy" i wondered you used it as a negitived saying i would like to beat the shit out of him

Ha! | Reviewer: SB | 1/20/09

I think there was a review when this song was released why the Pet Shop Boys covered it. Originally the Village People, sure it COULD relate to California. But I think when the Pet Shop Boys covered it it was making fun OF America and how laughable it was to be the "land of freedom & prosperity". In reality, it's just another dance song. Are you going to question why, in their music video, they put their black female soloist in a RED Statue of Liberty outfit?

It's about being Gay | Reviewer: Zed | 12/27/08

...or they could be refering to the fact that San Francisco (on the West Coast of the USA)is the most openly gay city in the world, where the two people in the song can feel free about openly loving each other, y'think?

Relation to the West. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/18/08

Though those boys are from england, I think that the song really relates to Australia. At the time it was written, Perth (Western Australia)was seen (and still is) being a slow paced, relaxed city in comparison to the Eastern States Cities like Sydney, or Melbourne.

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