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The Features GMF (Genetically Modified Fable) Lyrics

Last updated: 06/13/2012 12:00:00 PM

I took a walk up to the garden to see
How my garden had developed since I planted the seeds
My, was I surprised
Overnight it had grown at least two stories high

Then I heard voices coming from every row
My vegetation, vegetation had a mind of its own
Soon they noticed me
Threw me down, tied me up and whispered quietly

We don't need love
Water or light
For we were born modified

I struggled free and I would get my revenge
Cut up the vegetables, grabbed a pot and threw 'em all in
Waited patiently
Filled my bowl, ate my soup and then I fell asleep

In the morning I woke up on the ground
Helicopters, flashing lights and people crowded around
Then I realized
Overnight I had grown at least ten times the size

As I stood up
Heard someone cry
He's been reborn, modified

Nothing can fill
Our appetite
Now that we're all modified

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