G-Unit Lyrics

[50 Cent - Chorus]
I done told ya boy, Im'a soldier boy
I got no choice but to be a rider
I approach ya boy, with the toaster boy
Get to point blank range & firrreee
I aint tryna hear shit Im supposed to be rich
Mother fucker get in way of my bread
Then Im gone load my shit, then cock my shit
Nigga Tre-Pound come for your head

[50 Cent - Verse 1]
I'll have ya nigga in the ambulance tellin' ya 'Hold on'
The choir at your funeral singin' for so long
The top shotter that brought prada, the block got us
That pop hollows & pop bottles the whole More...

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Reviews about G-Unit songs

50cent #1 fan | Reviewer: javan terrence lupiano
    ------ About the song Bad News performed by G-Unit

yo 50 as yo fan i jst give u sam advise pliz lisen to as u did in da muvi b4 i self destruct me am a kid am pure in from zambia man get yo self mo expensive shit n mmo beef not by rapin kill da nigas lyk u did in da muvi wit a gun man u a gangstar get yo self sam clods lyk da taxido then mek yo label beta than the taxido n sam gud whip lyk da ultimate aero thrust by buyin o negotiatin u have to sell thins lyk guns,cars,clods,skats man sing mo tracks. Get 25cent a rapper to so dat he shud tek over u wen u die get him his on record label n his on crew yung g-unit da boy gat skillz man

what the fuck? | Reviewer: DOPE
    ------ About the song 300 Shots performed by G-Unit

what others said

this is not a fucking diss man

all these verses couldve been used in a collaboration track with Game hahahaha

only people i heard get dissed were Styles n Sheek n thats all!!!

go listen to 300, 120, 240, Bars

listen to The Funeral 100 bars, those are disses pure banging songs

this is good song but aint a diss

a diss?? | Reviewer: Ryder
    ------ About the song 300 Shots performed by G-Unit

is this supposed to be a diss againt jada joe nas and game?? man this aint a diss they just talking bout their mansions their bitchez and their gunz i thought they would diss em hard and lloyd banks is da punchline kid and da best from whole g-unit so banks u really dissapointed me...the game killed g-unit with 300 bars,body bags,im a muthafuckin soldier, just a lil bit(g-unit diss), why you smell like that and play the game the only good disses from g-unit against game r Not rich still lyin from 50 and deathwish from banks im neutral in this beef but i gotta admit game won this battle tho 4 sure and its too bad the game is gonna retire after his 3rd album comes out

Crago | Reviewer: crago
    ------ About the song 300 Shots performed by G-Unit

50 cent da bomb motherfuker, da game you a bitch ass nigga, beef is beef you help niggas out faggit ass nigga

G-UNIT IN DA CLUB | Reviewer: Crystal
    ------ About the song G'D Up performed by G-Unit

HAhahah dats fuckin shit 50 cent is da fuckn hottst guy out fuck u cunts who say he gay.


gangsta | Reviewer: Elliott
    ------ About the song Gangsta **** performed by G-Unit

i got gangsta in ma blood, i got war wounds on ma gangsta face, I’m a gorilla on these hoes, keep my lil pimpin’, straight on G’ mo’

g-unit! | Reviewer: Amber
    ------ About the song G'D Up performed by G-Unit

g-unit is the shit. fuck all the haters, ya'll all fake ass motherfuckers if you aint down with 50. they are the realest gangstas out there.

G'd+G-Unit | Reviewer: Zero
    ------ About the song G'D Up performed by G-Unit

Yeah, this song's pretty good, the group themselves aren't too bad either. But I think someone ('Buddy') is quite immature to post something like that. Grow the hell up kid!

shiiittt | Reviewer: yasmine
    ------ About the song G'D Up performed by G-Unit

this ere, is right on.
g-unit 4lyf.
dat bloke sayin dat der gay, obviously doesnt listen to der muzik on hoes... ;)

G-Unit | Reviewer: Rylee Orum
    ------ About the song G-Unit performed by G-Unit


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