G-Unit Albums

  • The Beauty of Independence Album (8/25/2014)
    Watch Me
    Don't Fuck With You
    Digital Scale
    Dead a Pussy Nigga
    The Plug

  • T.O.S: Terminate On Sight Album (7/1/2008)
    Straight Outta Southside
    Piano Man
    Close To Me
    Rider Pt. 2
    Casualties Of War
    You So Tough
    No Days Off
    T.O.S. (Terminate On Sight)
    I Like The Way She Do It
    Kitty Kat
    Party Ain't Over
    Let It Go
    Get Down
    I Don't Wanna Talk About It
    Ready Or Not
    Money Makes The World Go Round

  • Beg For Mercy Album (11/18/2003)
    Poppin' Them Thangs
    My Buddy
    I'm So Hood
    Stunt 101
    Wanna Get To Know You
    Groupie Love
    Betta Ask Somebody
    Eye For Eye
    Baby U Got
    Salute U
    Beg For Mercy
    G'd Up
    Lay You Down
    Gangsta Shit
    I Smell Pussy

  • God's Plan Album (8/1/2002)
    Words From Em
    Catch me in the Hood
    Your Not Ready
    Gansta'd Up
    If Dead Men could Talk
    Banks Workout Part II
    187 Ya Yo
    The World
    Short Stay
    Mind Playing Tricks
    Work It

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