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Don't call me
Leave me alone
Not gonna answer my phone
Cause I don't
No I won't see you

I'm out to have a good time
To get you off of my mind
Cause I don't
And I won't need you

Send out a 911
We're gonna have some fun
Hey boy, you know
You better run

Cause it's a girl's night
It's alright without you
I'm gonna stay out
And play out without you
You better hold tight
This girl's night is without you
Let's go
Let's go
It's a girl's night

I'll dance with somebody new
Won't have to think about you
And who knows
What let go will lead to

You'll hear from everyone
You'll get the 411
Hey boy
You knew this day would come


Hey boy
Don't you wish you could have been a good boy
Try to find another girl like me, boy
Feel me when I tell ya
I am fine
And it's time for me to draw the line


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.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/09

I hope all of you realize Miley's not going to read this. Shes too busy bathing in the money all of you idiots are giving her. She probably goes up there and lip sync's as she bops around in her stupid little outfits.

Your all contributing to another Disney whore like Lohan. Congratulations.

U rock!!!! | Reviewer: aisha | 4/10/08

Dear Hannah montana
I love all of your shows.
i admire you so much.I'm a 12 year old girl living in the middle east and still find to watch your shows.I wish i could meet you one day.i love your song i got nerve.i sing it almost everyday.But u'll learn to dress a bit better for girls of today.Alot of girls look up to you.So u might as well dress better.But i still love ya.GOOD LUCK

What happened to her? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/3/08

I used to think she was a good role model; my 10 year old sister looks up to Miley/Hannah so much, but I recently saw a picture of Miley at a Best of Both Worlds Concert show, and I COULD NOT believe what she was wearing!!! When you are on the DISNEY CHANNEL and are a role model for girls under the age of 13, please buy your clothes in sizes NOT intended for toddlers. I think that plaid skirt she was wearing could have been too short for my 3 year old sister. What happened to you, Miley? I used to really like you for what you did and how you acted, but I have lost all respect for you. Way to go.

What! | Reviewer: grace | 12/30/07

What do lisa and Katie think they're talking about! Hannah/Miley you rock! So I'm nine, never had a boyfriend. I still think Hannah/Miley rocks! Whoever wrote noting 33 if your sister is lisa or Katie tell her that she's the LITTLE BIG SHOT. Whoever wrote wth?? is right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

noting33 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/07

miley your songs are great and i love you i am your biggest fan my brother and sister hate you but i love you. that was nice but i hate you sometimes.

y do u hate her | Reviewer: paige | 12/8/07

miley i read the things that katie and lisa wrote
but dont worry about it they dont know what there
talkin about u r great they dont understand the
message about u im with u all the way so keep singing it doesnt matter what anybody els

Not right | Reviewer: Katie | 12/5/07

This song is horrible. Hannah/Miley is horrible. I don't think little girls should listen to this song just because Miley is popular, (which she should'nt be, since she's a little b**chy daddy's girl)possibly since they can't date and have exs. Sure, Miley might think she's the queen of the world, but that does'nt give her the right to plague the nation!WE GET IT MILEY YOU WANT TO BE A LITTLE ANNOYING BIG SHOT AND GET ALL THE FAME FOR NOTHING!!! GO TO HELL ALREADY! WE ARE TRYING TO RAISE OUR CHILDREN IN A NICE HIGH SELF-ESTEEM WORLD, NOT A WORLD WHERE A STUPID TEEN BIGSHOT THINKS THE WORLD WILL REVOLVE AROUND HER AND HER ONLY!!

ACK! | Reviewer: lisa | 12/5/07

This song is horrible. Hannnah/Miley is horrible. I don't think little kids should listen to this just because they think Miley is popular(which she isnt) Sure Miley might think she's queen of the world, but it doesn't give her the right to plague the nation!WE GET IT MILEY YOUR TRYING TO BE A LITTLE BIG SHOT!!!!! GO TO HELL ALREADY!

you RULE! ♥ | Reviewer: lauren | 11/13/07

omg i love this song so much. this totally reminds me of me and my best friends when we hang out together! all your music rules!!!
you are awesome!!! love lauren!♥

hey | Reviewer: Amanda | 10/27/07

hey miley how are u? i agree with u you guys should stop cussing or leave.I THNK there is nothig wrong with youre lyrcks but, i just saw the comments and i cnt belve hw much cusin there is. that goes for you
lindsey,anymous,kiler, and stepanie
you rock hanna/miley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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