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b. Kevin Allin, New Hampshire, USA. Of all the degenerate
acts carried out in the history of rock 'n' roll, there can
be few who have touched (preferably with disinfected
gloves) the life and times of G.G. Allin. As one critic
thoughtfully pointed out, "If Allin was an insect he would
not only be a dung beetle, he would be the dung beetle the
other dung beetles avoided." Usually taking the stage clad
only in a jockstrap, Allin's shows gradually became more
excessive as the 80s progressed. His antics included live
sexual More...

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Fuck off we murder | Reviewer: volk .45
    ------ About the song Fuck Off, We Murder performed by G.G. Allin

I know not many people share the same love for GG's music that I do but I have to say this song is without a doubt one of the most raw and uncompromising insight into Mr. Allin's soul, the raw power of this song really motivates me.

All in all I would give this song a 4.5/5 on the basis when ever I try to cover this song I wind up wearing out my vocal cords

Cheri Love Affair lyrics | Reviewer: grace
    ------ About the song Cheri Love Affair performed by G.G. Allin

Does anyone know what the girls in the background are saying?

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