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Ignorance pulls
Apostasy and apathy still rules
Yeah you know it's cool
Just suck and see
A future turn us into silent gods
And I won't miss you at all

Boxed in
Like the evil in your veins
Boxed in
I am stuck with you

Fate can't decide
Alignment of the planets in your hands
Come on crush our plans
Just suck and see
A future that won't let you disagree
And I won't miss you at all

Boxed in
Like the evil in your veins
Boxed in
I am stuck with you

Feel it, hear it, apathy you are
See it, be it, you'll see

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<33 ! | Reviewer: Josefine_SwedensBiggestMusefan! | 3/27/12

Love this!!
But are you sure that it is "cast your eye tears on me" ? because that part to me doesn't make any sense,it doesn't mean anything!
I think that maybe it is in that case just "cast your tears on me"
or "cast your ideals on me" maybe because that makes more sense.
Maybe you should look it up and change it ! :)

Amazing | Reviewer: Megan | 8/17/10

I only recently found this song, but my god, it's fucking amazing. I wonder why I never heard a song this amazing before. I can't tell you how many times I've repeated it on my iPod... it's beyond words. Matt's voice is terrifyingly lovely... I can't get over Muse. They are and forever will be the best band to walk the face of the earth.

confused | Reviewer: muse the legends | 3/22/10

on the second chours there is another line saying"im so confused" just wanted u 2 knw still muse are the reason i haved hurt my self cuz of love losses they help me move on with my life they are amazingly evil

genius | Reviewer: mau | 10/30/09

i'm never surprised with muse's heavy lyrics but i'm gonna say that this is one is one of their most emotional songs...haha...their music was way better when matt was still heart broken...kidding.:D

Where you can find this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/3/09

Paradigm Muse

This song is the extra from Origin of Symmetry, only on the Japanese Release of the album. It's also on the Dead Star/In Your World EP.

The Japanese Release songs are definitely worth hunting down. The first 3 are some of Muse's best. Spiral Static, Futurism, and Fury.

AWESOME MUSE | Reviewer: Richard Synnuck | 10/9/08

This song is one of the many many songs that you wont find out there untill you go looking for it. The music insane and the lyrics filled with much emotion. This song is the epitamy of what muse are and what they are about,good music,nay great music!! Please get out there and find all of these obscure awesome songs and you will surprised of the amazing quality of these b-sides. Muse forever <3<3<3

thumbs up | Reviewer: Phil | 7/28/08

Wow, this song is adorable! I think its totaly underated: actually this composition is a masterpiece.
The intensitiy of the music increases from the beginning to the end in stages. This Song expresses pure power.

Awesome | Reviewer: Xzol | 1/27/08

Yes I'm in awe. Where did this song come from??? I've got all the albums i know about, including their live/b-sides double disc. If there's something I'm missing, please someone tell me!

Fuuuuck. | Reviewer: Katt | 1/5/08

This song literally made me cry, Matthews voice truly is one of a god,
And its true to say that noone else could of written and recorded this song even a fraction of how good Muse did it,
Thats why I get annoyed at people covering their stuff <I cant help it>
:) The lyrics are so... <Enter word that fits here if you find the right one, nothing rude though ¬¬>

Amazing | Reviewer: R | 12/21/07

I was almost literally blown away the first time i herd Futursim. Muse are totally unique and they don't have a single weak point. Dom Howard is an amazing drummer, Chris Wolstenholm is an amazing bassist and Matt Bellamy is a rock God. Its much heavier than a lot of their stuff but i think that the first two albums (Showbiz and Orgin Of Symmetry) are heavier than their new stuff so i guess it fits perfectly.

mmmmm | Reviewer: sair | 10/2/07

i've loved muse since ages, this early stuff of theirs is tonnes better than the new stuff, still. muse are my fave band in the universe <3

Awesome song | Reviewer: Jack | 10/2/07

I love this song and totally agree with C.k. i troll the internet looking for more of their old stuff and b-sides i love em so much esp the groove w00t! i cant think of any bands atm that have a similar sound to Muse but they were influenced by Jeff Buckley so its worth giving him a go if you like Muse you'll like Jeff. much love to all Muse lovers xx

About the song Futurism performed by Muse | Reviewer: star8 | 8/15/07

this song is brilliant! wow its totally unique to other bands, how it sounds, the base, how it makes u play it over n over n never get bored... does ne one else know any bands hu have a similar style to MUSE please comment :D xoxox

Great song | Reviewer: C.k | 8/8/07

Well I love MUSE and their old stuff is a million times better than their new stuff, especially starlight and invincible, and all these new fans are occuring BECAUSE of these new songs. Tis good they're ... changing .. if that's what he wants, but I still love their old stuff, and I have never loved a band as much as Muse, I'm not an obsessive freak but yes Futurism is a great song, put THAT on the Radio... actually don't... it's a hidden secret >;D -End of boredem rant-

Amazing song | Reviewer: Naama | 5/5/07

That's a really beautiful song. Apoclyptic sound. a one you need to get used to, though. =)

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