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Sunderland four-piece The Futureheads are both an
intriguing and powerful mass of contradictions. They are a
band who - like all the best bands - look and feel like a
gang, but who, in this instance, can rarely agree on
anything at all. A band who have deliberately set
themselves only short-term, low-key goals, but are,
realistically, on the verge of going all the way. A band
who recognize and salute the DIY ethic, while
simultaneously detesting its implicit under-achievement. A
band who can accurately cite Devo, Queen, Fugazi and More...

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Reviews about Futureheads songs

Futureheads - Cope | Reviewer: Eoin Ó Donnuartaigh
    ------ About the song Cope performed by Futureheads

Good song. Probably the best Futureheads song I've heard so far. I saw them support Snow Patrol in Dublin earlier in 2006 and I had to rush out and buy their album (News And Tributes)! Good lyrics, better tune and AMAZING Scottish accent!

Eoin Ó Donnuartaigh, Éire

Classical Sunderlandish | Reviewer: Rosie
    ------ About the song Carnival Kids performed by Futureheads

This song is realy pretty amazing, the lyrics are cool.
The futureheads kik ass

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