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You're so happy now
Burning a candle at both ends
Your self-loving soothes
And softens the blows you've invented

Breathe in deep and cleanse away our sins
And we'll pray that there's no God
To punish us and make a fuss

Crack's healing up
Future soul forgive this mess
You waste twenty years
And wind up alone, demented

Breathe in deep and cleanse away our sins
And we'll pray that there's no God
To punish us and make a fuss

Breathe in deep and cleanse away our sins
And we'll pray that there's no God
To punish us and make a fuss

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Fury | Reviewer: MiriamPsique | 3/10/14

I think that the lyrics of Muse´s song are always so metaphorical that sometimes is so hard to find a true and a general meaning because is diferent for everyone but I don´t see this song like something religious or anti-religious, I see this more for a couple doing something that is prohibited and they know it is.


I love muse! <3

NO RELIGION BEHIND THIS | Reviewer: Maria Grazia | 4/4/13

I don't really think there's a religious/anti-religious meaning behind this song. I just feel it as a consideration of human beings' FURY bringing them to pursue their aims no matter what, even if they have to do commit sins to obtain them. That's why he states "and we'll pray there's no God", in my opinion. It's a metaphor of man's deep and hidden fear related to his guilt.

my fury interpretation | Reviewer: michelle | 3/5/11

I believe Matt means fury as somebody who do believe there is the presence of God, but he wants God doesn't exist. maybe he is sad of his sin and regrets it a lot. he also afraid God punish him and everyone. I don't take what the lyrics mean into heart since I believe God exists. I agree with Believer's opinion

Hedonism | Reviewer: Guy | 10/30/10

I don't think it's got anything to do with a character suffering a crisis of faith, I just see it as a song about hedonism and ignoring the spiritual consequences of whatever hedonistic acts are being done.

Great Song | Reviewer: Amy | 9/4/10

Lewis.... I think your post is good. But, I would say that I have respect for any person who is honest about their beliefs or is at least clear about them. Agnostic, Atheist, or Religious. There are egos in all those groups, and also good solid people. I happen to be religious myself. My religion is my anchor. But, I am not put off by Agnostics or Atheist. I appreciate clarity and honesty. I also appreciate questions. But, I guess I am secure in my Faith. Questions are different views don't threaten me. Sorry, my post has nothing to do with this song. But, it is my two cents on your post.

Matthew Bellamy is a great song writer. They are thought provoking. I never feel put off by his writing. I think he raises great questions. He is an artist.

About Matt | Reviewer: Lewis | 8/13/10

He's stated as being more agnostic now. Some people believe it's a cowardly 'middle' stance. I feel it's the correct stance if you cannot truly know "the" answer.

An atheist that argues his view to be superior is just as bad as any religion arguing their superiority.

For an agnostic they simply state they do not know. It's a humbling admission that a mighty ego cannot support.

When it comes to religion and someone saying they are right, they're probably wrong. I didn't say definite, just probable.

Great song as well. :)

okay... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/10

before i say anything about this song i want to know something. why are all of you speculating on matt's religious beliefs?! why not just ask him?!? social networking sites allow easy access to EVERYONE now.

i love this song. that being said, i have no speculation about the meaning. each song means something to the artist that we may never fully grasp. these songs especially mean very different thing to each of the listeners. llove their music always will!!! :)

Fury | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/31/10

My opinion is that this song is about a man/women who has done wrong and has beleived in god for the majority of there life but while praying realise he truth the become isloated in there own little bubble, the first section of the song applies this thought You're so happy now
Burning a candle at both ends
Your self-loving soothes
And softens the blows you've invented

Irony :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/12/10

Yeh, that irony really is something, praying that no god exists. It's songs like these that you'll never really know the exact meaning of. They're obscure and ambiguos, they have more than 1 possible meaning which would fit perfectly. +several million out of 10 for Muse.

Stating the Obvious | Reviewer: Marianna | 4/17/10

Matt Bellamy is an atheist. He is merely being ironic in saying "we'll pray that there's no God..." He's keen on word play.

The song explains that people live hard and fast and punish themselves with the invention of morals and sins.

"Future soul forgive this mess
You waste twenty years
And wind up alone, demented"

Mocking the idea that whatever mistakes we make in this life will be remedied in the next, therefore mocking the notion of reincarnation.

There's really not much else to bother looking into. The lyrics are appropriately simple so that you understand why an atheist finds the notions within some religions to be foolish.

Just and Opinion | Reviewer: Believer | 3/31/10

My opinion is that Matt Believes and Fears God and therefore he knows that there is a terrible punishment to come for those who sin and don't repent. At the part where he sings "And we'll pray that there's no God To punish us and make a fuss". I think he's just saying out of fear, he wishes that God will not judge and punish all sinners. If it is indeed what I think he means, I too fear being imperfect and being thrown into the Lake of Fire or Eternity.

i love this song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/10

i lurve this song, i dont know why they didnt release it on their absolution album as one of the tracks! ummmmm i her something different on the second line of the second verse, i thought it was, "future self forgiveness mends"? did anyone else hear that or is it just me?

Agnostic | Reviewer: Death | 2/19/10

Any of you guys ever hear the term Agnostic? It's a religious term for those who don't necessarily believe in a god, but some levels of Agnosticism can be convinced that there is a higher power if proper proof was presented. Wiki it if you want further explanation. I personally don't think you can really tell what Matt believes in just through the songs. If I had to guess, he would fit better into the Agnostic-Theist category better then Atheist, in that he would like to believe in a higher power, but the oh so popular God doesn't seem to be doing anything from his point of view, and so he remains doubtful that this God actually exists.

Great song | Reviewer: Kd Selalu Ber-museRia | 2/9/10

I agree that fury isn't atheistic, conversely it's much religious.. he believe that there is God, since he realize he is a sinner,he afraid to God's funishment, otherwise he will not afraid if there is no GOd in fact.

I love this song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/10

Ok for all of you going crazy about, "I'm I the only one who notices praying to no god".
Chill out, did any of you think to question if it's MEANT TO BE IRONIC?
Just saying. Plus why would you question Matt? What he says goes, he's to godlike to question <3
Again just saying.
Muse is so fantastic. <333

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