Fury in the Slaughterhouse Albums

  • Jau! Album
    Won't forget these days
    Drug addicted in the jailhouse
    No illusions
    One good reason
    Seconds to fall
    On alarm
    Kill somebody
    Missing me
    Last time
    French funk
    Don't dig in my potatoes
    As time goes by

  • The Color Fury Album (2/4/2002)
    Things Like This
    Angels And Saints
    Long Ride
    Midnight Rider
    Vincent & Victoria
    I Feel Fine
    Boomtown Babylon
    Falling Apart
    Can't Remember
    Shape Of Things To Come
    Sunday Again
    Grey November Day
    Fly, Sadness Fly

  • Brilliant Thieves Album (6/12/2001)
    Intro (From "Klezmer Dreams")
    Bring Me Home
    Riding On A Dead Horse
    Turn Around
    Don't Slow Down
    Around My World In 80 Days
    Afternoon In The Cemetery
    In Love With A Clown
    Enough Is Not Enough
    Brilliant Thieves
    Bar Des Boulistes
    My Little World
    Gero hat Geburtstag
    Ship Of Fools
    Out On The Weekend

  • Nowhere...Fast! Album (8/1/1998)
    Balm For The Soul
    One Way Dead End Street
    Diggin' The Soil
    Romeo And Juliet
    What About Me
    Come On
    Breaking New Ground
    Everything I Did
    American Shame
    Frontpage Of The Sun
    Reality Sucks
    MS Koenigsforst

  • The Hearing & The Sense of Balance Album (8/1/1995)
  • Fury in the Slaughterhouse Album (8/1/1995)
  • Mono Album (11/1/1993)
  • Hooka Hey Album (1/3/1991)

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