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Dave Matthews Band and Dave Matthews Funky Drawers Lyrics

Last updated: 05/18/2009 11:00:00 AM

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[Dave - Loafers Light] Carter, you're a bad mother fvucker.
[Cater - LL] Screamin'
[Dave - LL] Screamin' up a hill
im ah uma Jack and Jill
Say hey hey UHH
I want some mo' gravy
Gimmi some gravy
Maybe baby you go kookoo
Huh licka say emhmm hey
somebody say what?
I say ehmmem hey hey eh hum
ena buuup
An' I make a stinky in my drawers
Made it kinda funky
In the room
Everybody look around an' get high
Like em' some an' sweatin' some
Set in some fih
En a fsin eh hey hey hey hey hey
[Rob - Defeated] You guys let me know when you're all ready to go

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