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Elton John Funeral For A Friend Lyrics

Last updated: 01/27/2013 02:01:48 PM

The roses in the window box
Have tilted to one side,
Everything about this house
Was born to grow and die.

It doesn't seem a year ago
To this very day
You said I'm sorry honey,
If I don't change the pace,
I can't face another day.

And love lies bleeding in my hand,
It kills me to think of you with another man.
I was playing rock-n-roll and you were just a fan,
But my guitar couldn't hold you
So I split the band.
Love lies bleeding in my hands.

I wonder if those changes
Have left a scar on you,
Like all the burning hoops of fire
That you and I passed through.

You're a bluebird on a telegraph line
I hope you're happy now,
Well if the wind of change comes down your way girl
You'll make it back somehow.

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A true classic,,, | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/13

One of the most incredible songs that has stuck with me a good part of my life. To this very day one of my all time favorites. A true classic and a incredible piece of work musically.

awesome | Reviewer: Louise | 10/28/07

This is the best 10 minutes of music I have ever heard in my life. I have so many favourite Elton John songs but this one is of my most favourites. I had the chance to see him perform in Adelaide, S.A. Australia last year and whenever I listen to this song I can still see him walking out onto the stage in the opening bars. Still chokes me up, he is a legend and will always be my idol. Love the man!!

reflection | Reviewer: Sarah | 6/10/07

Elton found beauty wih his lyrics, it was the music that engulfed,captured the two......