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Funeral Biography

Last updated: 11/24/2005

The legendary Norwegian doom act FUNERAL was formed in '91, and released the grievous demo TRISTESSE in '93. This demo was released as a mini CD in '94 by an American label, who later ripped them off. This monumental recording of three songs with a playing time at aprox. 40 minutes, gained critics like the "PURE GENIUS" and earned FUNERAL the title "THE MOST DEPRESSIVE BAND IN THE WORLD"

Having done this with style for the last three years, they decided to make a change and become more symphonic. The result stands clearly in the mighty '94 demo "BEYOND ALL SUNSETS". Now FUNERAL had recruited a permanent female vocalist; Toril Snyen, as one of the first doom bands to do so. The declaration was not held further back with the use of kettledrums, violins, and organs and also a more monumental and symphonic arrangements both on the musical and vocal side.

This brought FUNERAL to a new deal, which again led to a monstrous release in '95 this time with the CD "TRAGEDIES", consisting of three new songs and two from the "B.A.S." demo. The beauty was entangled with darkness. This is probably the release that FUNERAL is best known for. They parted with their female vocalist in late '95. In early '96 they got fixed up by BRIDE, and got their opportunity to go down to England, and record their new material at the ACADEMY.

The material was 10 new symphonic creations, and had Mags (worked with bands such as: Anathema and Cradle of Filth) as producer to work with them. But since they hadn't found a new replacement for Toril, they had to record the vocal parts later at home. As another misfortune, the label that released TRAGEDIES -Arctic Serenades ripped them off (as he did with several others too). They now stood without a company.

It took FUNERAL a year and a half to find a perfect vocalist again, this they found in Sarah Eick. They completed five of the ten ACADEMY recordings with her on vocal. The result was the "DEMO '97". In an attempt to get a new deal, their very limited "DEMO '97" has mainly been distributed to record companies, radio stations and serious Zines world-wide. Once again FUNERAL had to part with their vocalist, but found a replacement in Hanne Hukkelberg, she has as Toril had an education in music.

FUNERAL have not been in lethargy during the wait for a new deal. They have enough unreleased material to fill at least 3 CDs, and probably some EPs as well. This they hope will attract the attention from potential record companies, and earn FUNERAL their rightful position among the greatest acts in the history of DOOM.

FUNERAL released 30. October '99 a new limited demo "Demo '99", which will be sent to labels, zines, and radiostations. This demo contains 6 new tracks of their style of operatic doom.