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Flipper Full speed ahead Lyrics

Last updated: 08/16/2001 10:31:04 PM

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Full speed ahead, that´s what I said
He didn´t think about tomorrow
Full speed ahead, that´s all he wanted
Another line or two would do him fine
He had his brains all out of time
He kinda liked it that way
Kinda relieved it every day
He went full speed ahead
Full speed ahead, that´s what I said
Things became rather repetitious
He didn´t know how to handle it, he dis it
He couldn´t figure out what it was about
He didn´t stop in time or shout
Whenever there was too much inside
He just felt everything and died
He didn´t know what else to do
He went full speed ahead
He didn´t know everybody he knew
And his body said full speed ahead
Gotta get out that vacuum cleaner
Full speed ahead, that´s what it said (repeat)
That´s all he wanted, that´s all he knew
And then he crashed for a million years

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