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Sitting in a corner all alone,
staring from the bottom of his soul,
watching the night come in from the window,window

It'll all collapse tonight, the fullmoon is here again
In sickness and in health, understanding,so demanding
It has no name, there's one for every season
Makes him insane to knooooooow

Running away from it all
"I'll be safe in the cornfields", he thinks
Hunted by his own,
again he feels the moon rising on the sky

Find a barn which to sleep in, but can he hide anymore
Someone's at the door, understanding,too demanding
Can this be wrong, it's love that is not eeending
Makes him insane to know.......

She should not lock the open door
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run away, run away, run away
Fullmoon is on the sky and He's not a man anymore
She sees the change in him but can't
run away, run away, run away
See what became out of her man... Full moon

Swimming across the bay,
the night is gray so calm today
She doesn't wanna wait.
"We've gotta make the love complete tonight"

In the mist of the morning he cannot fight anymore
Hundred moons or more, he's been howling
Knock on the door, and scream that is soon eeending
Mess on the floor agaaain

She should not lock the open door
run away, run away, run away
Fullmoon is on the sky and he's not a man anymore
She see the change in him but can't
run away, run away, run away
See what became out of her man

She should not lock the open door
run away, run away, run away
Fullmoon is on the sky and he's not a man anymore
She sees the change in him but can't
run away, run away, run away
See what became out of her daaarling man

She should not lock the open doooor
run away, run away, run away
Full moon is on the sky and he's not a man anymore
See what became out of that man

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... | Reviewer: All | 12/14/10

the song tells: He wants to run away with her because he doesn't want damage her, but the chorus is for the wife, because "she doesn't wanna wait, she says "we've gotta make the love complete tonight"" Sorry for my bad english D:

Amazing | Reviewer: rattyray | 12/5/09

This is one of my fave songs from SA and they sing it amazing pitch perfect each time and with the most real and beleiveable emotion live. Also they play it at each concert as it one of those songs. You have to see them! ! ! I haven't found anyone that has heard them to not like them at all.

needed | Reviewer: kevin | 11/23/09

sonata arctica is one of my favoutite bands and i want to play the first part of fullmoon in the keyboard but i can´t find how to play it... can you help me??
I put here my mail so if you can help me please send me an e mail...

sorry but my english isn´t very well.. I`m from argentina...

Wooow!!! | Reviewer: Erika | 9/25/09

I just read the lyrics and I'm in shock! o_O
I don't even know how to feel... sad for the ending of this great story, or amazed for the beauty of this song as a whole!!! o_O
Sonata arctica is simply the BEST!!!

Coolio yo yo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/09

This song is awesome, though the english isn't exactly perfect. People should listen to this stuff instead of the crappy rap being pumped out at a dollar a day. There's real love protrayed in this song, even if it is about a fantasy scenario.

werewolf | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/09

took me a bit to see what this was, maybe one or two listenings, he starts off already knowing the full moon is coming, so he isolates himself watching the night pour in through the window.all of his sense will collapse tonight, and his wife (sickness and in health) is understanding, but its too demanding to ask her to stay with him. his own village chases him so he runs to the cornfields and feels the moon rising. he hides in a barn, but his wife finds him because he'll never be able to hide from her. her husband tells her to run out the open door because hes not a man anymore, she sees the change but cant see whats become of her man. she does run, and in the morning swims across the bay back to her husband, unable to wait anymore. he finally cant hold himself anymore, and when his wife knocks on the door he kills her, soon after he regains conciousness and finds the mess on the floor.

My Interpretation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/1/09

Just started reading the lyrics of Sonata Arctica and I must say, very impressed.

I think this one seems to be about a man who turns into a werewolf at midnight. He loves his wife, and his wife loves him back despite his affliction.

He notices the full moon so plans to run away to protect her from himself as a werewolf but she would rather die in his arms. He struggles to fight it and eventually he's powerless to it. He finds his way back to the house and kills her.

Best SA Song | Reviewer: Pete | 2/4/09

It's the best song ever produced for me, probably because by hearing this song I became obsessed to SA and power metal. The artistic lyrics, the drama, the emotions they put into their songs are just simply... unique. Other bands may try to copy it, but I feel they'll never succeed. And to add Tony's voice and the guitars, keyboard, and drum. Simply perfect.

great | Reviewer: Adamus | 5/30/08

All the songs made by sonata arctica rock simply for there great choise of lyrics. I mean most other bands that tryed to copy it would mess it up and make it sound emo but these guys aint. WOAH POWERMETAL RULES!!!

luv it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/08

one of the best songs I ever sang
it's a great song to sing and to listen to I realy can put all the emotion I have in it and it's been realy a great help in training my performance on stage
just love it

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