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Freeway Full Effect Lyrics

Last updated: 03/05/2003 08:37:23 PM

They got me staring at the world through my rearview
Knowing if you scream to God he could help you with your problems
Lil niggas wild when I come through
They can relate cuz my music help them with their problems
Turn this up fucks ya problem
This is real shit homie
in the both with the 4 fifth on me
two clips so the other clip won't get lonely
6-4 on me wanna hit homie(YEAH)
fiends ? pumpin nicks on me(YEAH)
Got the ? stores if you wanna hear some more(YEAH YEAH)
Hating niggas get shot up in liquor stores
Peops grabbed then tied up with extention cords

Freeways in full effect
and all I need is one reason Just to Pull this Burner cuz
Yall told me to go next
and I'm a be got damn if I don't get my turn up, Uh!
Freeways in full effect
and all I need is one reason just to pull htis wrechet out
yall told me to go next
and I'm a be got damn if I don't squeeze my cannon

As far as I'm hearing
yall doing alot of comparing
cuz young Neef been on the block missing alot of appearance
Yeah youngin still got it at 120 a gram
that'll have ya smokers and ya fiends leaning like a kickstand
I send my brother for ya mother man
for the blocks and them dead presidents wrapped in rubberbands
shotties with pistol grips
that'll rip through shit
I hate a prick, kill his bitch, and make him dig a ditch
Neef buck, keep something on me extend the clip
cuz i'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by six
And i can show you how to do this shit
get ya cake and get it straight right
let a smoker test ya weight
before you take it to the plate
rock it down. Stuff the shit in by 8 early and not late
don't be making no mistakes
put it out then you bring it back straight
its more money to make

CHORUS:(Young Neef Sings Chorus)

Ayo its young gunna just another victim of the ghetto nigga
post and pivet and distirbute the work
my pop broke his pivet, got addicted to work
man they say its a shame but as they say its the game
I made my way through the game
Roudy lil youngin
Was that snotty nose youngin
Everybody knowing youngin
The only youngin out huggin that pavement for paper
they was shoveling pavement for neighbors
I never made it to them 5 on 5's
they was playing live, I was tryna stay live
Tryna stay alive
Moms working, 11:30 the curfew, I was tryna stay to five
Knowing I wanna stay alive while I'm killing
they can't stop me before the day arrive i be copping again
so fuck a day job while I'm dealing
They aint stopping me
Straight from the senator of State Property


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