Fuel Lyrics

Fuel combines muscular, precise rhythms with passionate and
commanding lyrics bound by solid hooks. The four-member
Central Pennsylvania band creates emotive music, reflective
of an era of confusion and heightened self-awareness.

Fuel began with Carl Bell and bass player Jeff Abercrombie,
who both grew up in a small rural Western Tennessee town,
called Kenton in 1989. Brett Scallions, who was from a
nearby town, called Brownsville, also joined. However, they
knew they wanted to play all originals, so they decided to
move to a larger More...

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Review about Fuel songs
The song is even better with all the lyrics cleared up! | Reviewer: Shawn
    ------ About the song Shimmer performed by Fuel

I've always loved this song. The way they mix lyric and music is awesome. I understood most of the words to the song but it is even better with those few words cleared up. I first fell in love with the band when they did Hemmorage. This song shows a different side of this awesome band. Thanks for printing the lyrics!

fuel-forever | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Shimmer performed by Fuel

fuel is the band you should listen to before you die, if you are interested in some spine chilling poetic lines...this song is simply a masterpiece...and so are many others.
fuel...thank you.

RE: wrong lyrics | Reviewer: Mike
    ------ About the song Hemorrhage (In My Hands) performed by Fuel


All you have to do is click on the "submit your corrections" link to fix them. I went ahead and clicked on it and submitted the corrections, so I guess whenever they get to it, it will be fixed. I just wish Pandora had a feature to correct lyrics since the majority of the songs have wrong lyrics.

Wrong lyrics | Reviewer: Joe
    ------ About the song Hemorrhage (In My Hands) performed by Fuel

The lyrics here are completely wrong, I'm reading the lyrics booklet right now and it's "in my hands, in my hands again" not "hemorrhage, in my hands again". How about doing some research before misinforming people.

Sunburn | Reviewer: Shadow
    ------ About the song Sunburn performed by Fuel

I think this song is about the life of fame/being rich. When he says "This life's not living baby. Living ain't free." It made me think of how famous/rich people have this "free" lifestyle where they can get anything easily because they have the money to do so or the prestige.
And when he says "If I can't find my way back to me, let the sun fall down. Til my eyes cry out. Til my head is free from doubt. Til my lungs sigh right out. Til I'm wiser." it made me think of him as telling the person he's closest to or the person he's in love with that if the lifestyle consumes him and he's not himself anymore, despite the person's (the close person or lover) best efforts, let the lifestyle come crashing down on him as a wake up call.

I think I get it | Reviewer: ShadowI
    ------ About the song Falls On Me performed by Fuel

I think this song is about two people in a relationship and one of them was really depressed, but the other one stuck around. And the depressed one saved the other one many times and is now asking for help from the other person. It's a sad but sweet song. I love this song so much. I wish Fuel from then would return....They were so good together.

A review from when I was 17 -- 2001 -- in Missouri | Reviewer: DominickBeckhram
    ------ About the song Hemorrhage (In My Hands) performed by Fuel


Your review is intriguing drga. drga drga. Sounds like too much soda pop from a plastic bottle when you're drinking to fast (Joke!).

Yeah -- it's about that. It's also about
loss, and leaving, and not leaving... and ... well Hemorhhaggess iiinnn (your) hands -- if you keep on typing too long (I remember typing at least fifty pages a night when I was a hyperactive teenager -- thankfully that's mellowed out now).

I loved the colors that I saw with this band (I mean that I visualized or imagined the colors) and their songs. The lead singer is wonderful. Everything about this band is wonderfully expressive of PUNK and Bohemian angst. It's really funny when I look back on it now as a 24 year old. Not funny haha or funny uhoh but more like funny (what?)

I remember listening to this song a lot. Then realizing -- this is really depressing | ok -- that's cool, SO AM I. | being depressed is OK as long as you know why (especially if your girlfriend just left you, or you got rejected, or you lost your job, or your car, or your house, or whatever y'know?).

Anyway, hang ten, SUNNY IN OCEANSIDE,


REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: drga
    ------ About the song Hemorrhage (In My Hands) performed by Fuel

this song really means don't leave your burdens on some1 else or don't crush others.
i really like this song because it really means something to me. i broke up recently, but i learne dhe doesn't give s**t about me.

Best song ever | Reviewer: Deanna
    ------ About the song Shimmer performed by Fuel

This is by far my favorite song ever. He combines different styles so that the song keeps you interested the whole way through. The lyrics are amazing also. Every one has gone through a break up and has wanted to get back together. It's a very good song to just sit and cry to.

An excellent song from a solid album | Reviewer: Noah
    ------ About the song Most Of All performed by Fuel

I very much liked Sunburn and Something Like Human, mostly because of the hard-hitting rock that Fuel brought to the table. While this album still has some of that, they went a little softer for the most part. The result? This ended up being my favorite album, and Most of All is my favorite song from Natural Selection. If you like this song at all, get the album, you can thank me later.

Other excellent songs off this album are: Quarter, Down Inside of You, These Things, Running Away, Die Like This, oh crap, they're all good!

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