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Plies Fucks With You Lyrics

Last updated: 05/10/2012 12:00:00 PM

Baby I fucks with you cause all the lil things you do you keep it so true
That's why I fucks with you cause yeen worried bout the fame with the name or the bling
That's why I'm calling you a bad muthafucka can't let nan other bitch out there touch ya
They start dancing when I walk in now they scared to say leave me I fucks with you

[Verse 1:]
I ran down on her she was there so I cuffed her cute lil baby plus she got good butt
I'm fucked up bout it like forreal doe bruh hygiene a-1 so I don't smell nun
She bout that life that's why I deal with her
When she ask me to come through I don't even buck
She can be sleep when I call she pop right up
And nobody rock them boy shorts like her
Them lil cheeks be hangin
I be looking at her stuck
She ain't gotta ask for bread cause I fuck with her tuff
I'm hungry I call her she come through in the clutch
I fuck with her the long way like straight up


[Verse 2:]
If I was broke right now I think she'll let me hold something
Feel like she for me so I include her when I got stuntin
Mama bills get behind I shoot her a lil sumtn
Answer my phone in front of her she don't say nun
I get to talking to long doe she look at me funny
She kno it ain't nun the boy jus gettin to the money
When I wanna tease her a lil bit I jus call her country
When I wanna see her smile I jus tell her doe I jus tell her she bucking
Chill when she need too snap when she have too
One thing about it she do her thing with them hair do's
I told her she been getting thick since I've been cutting her
She told me no I'm ain't I get it from my mama


[verse 3:]
I feel like she deserve a nigga like me
She fall I got her I'm a put her back on her feet
I ain't trying change her and she ain't tryna change me
She jus got real she ask me do I wanna key
I wanted to tell her yeah but I had to kept it g
That's why I fucks with you cause you fucks with me
I can be on the road and she can be out of town
And I ain't got to sweat her cause she gon hold me down
Weither she do or don't she act like she care
Even when I ain't around she act like I'm there
I ain't one of them dudes who tell you what to wear
You can flaunt it all you want to
ain't insecure