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Blink-182 Fuck A Dog Lyrics

Last updated: 03/31/2013 08:44:24 AM

I want to fuck a dog in the ass

he wants to fuck a dog in the ass

I wanna fuck a dog
That's right kids.

I tried to fuck your mom in the ass
Tried to fuck your dad in the ass
could only find the dog....and his ass

[mark and tom]
we wanna fuck a dog in the ass
we wanna fuck a dog in the ass
we wanna fuck a dog

I tried to fuck a fucking pirate in the ass

Aarrh me and me first mate asurvy cur

Tried to fuck a fucking pirate
but I've found the dog

[mark, in Mexican accent]
Ah that was no pirate man that was thine own sister

[music stops]

It's a Mexican pirate

[music continues]

[mark and tom]
We want to fuck a dog in the ass
We want to fuck a dog in the ass
wanna fuck a fucking dog

fuck you

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Bitch Please, this is perfect. | Reviewer: AustralianIdiot | 3/31/13

Blink is fucking awesome and always will be. Mark, Tom and Travis are fucking great, they can come up with anything and make it amazing. So *middle fingers up* to all the haters saying this is gay, wrong, perverted, racist (seriously you guys?) this is awesome.

im 11 and i think this shit is hella funny | Reviewer: kendra | 1/23/10

they should write another song like this and get it out hardly anyone i know has has herd this song except 4 eathan hes just something else though:)dont ask me y but i think this is funny ass shit!!=) GO BLINK 182 KEEP WRITING THIS FUNNY SHIT

Love IT!! | Reviewer: KJ | 1/16/10

For those of you who think this song is racist or perverted, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! This song is a fucking joke!! Lighten up!! And besides, they also have a song about incest. And they're pop-punk. Of course they're gonna make stupid songs.

I LOVE this song. I went to see blink in concert over the summer and will never forget it. Keep rockin' blink.

Laughing my ass off. | Reviewer: LOloh | 1/10/09

first of all great song . it is obviously a joke. Blink is way more talented than this so maybe before you say that the artist who wrote this is gay or shit like this you should look up other songs, because blink is fukn awesome.
So what they talk about fucking a dog in the ass, they wrote a song for people who actually have a good sense of humour ...and if you dont like why did you look up the lyrics in the first place?

all i know is that blink 182 is fukn awesome azz... and shall never be forgotten.

dude pooWho.. | Reviewer: jShu | 4/8/08

its PUNK. get over the lyrics. its not going to be as masterful as opeth or any other non-punk artist. so calm down and look up songs you can give SOME positive review. even constructive criticism. GO BLINK 182

Lazy artist? | Reviewer: pooWho | 12/28/07

well if they call thenselves Artist, maybe the world has sunk to a new low. Perverts they r because they mention kids in their lyrics and their mom. Real kids n Moms don't look at this crap!

fuckin LeeT | Reviewer: JermZ | 11/13/07

ya hurre? 1337 BITCHES ... fucking great song ... lil fags say its stupid? CRY MORE .. cuz you couldent think of something so great....

FUCKING GREAT!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/9/07

everyone i know says blink sucks (and electric six but thats for a different day) anyway i think they are just genius and are just brilliant really. ROCK ON!!!

most excellant | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/20/07

why do people say this is stupid and racist? its obvious its a joke song, take the joke dumasses, great song, great band, great everything may blink live forever

THIS IS GAY! | Reviewer: cassie | 9/15/07

fucking a dog,what a gay song..who would wanna fuck a dog,other then whoever wrote this..ITS SOOO GAY!!!!this fucking song should of never been written!!!!

Gay as fuck | Reviewer: jojo | 8/29/07

this is gay. and they sound racist when they say mexican pirates. it's just gay . it's funny. but common, that's just fucking stupid.

LOL | Reviewer: Ady | 8/16/07

This song is kinda.. hm.. strange.. but, it funny like hell =))). Who knows, maybe there are a few ppl out there which enjoy fucking a dog in ass!

I LOVE IT | Reviewer: Tessa Shackett | 6/4/07

omg this song is the best lol my friend jacobi and my b/f matt showed it to me and my b/f is mexican lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love it!!!!!!!!!!

Great Song!!!1!1!1! | Reviewer: Tyrone | 2/20/07

This song fucking rocks!!!! I love fucking dogs in teh ass and sum1 finally wrote asong abot it ya! Blink 182 is teh cewlest evar!!!!!

haha soo Fucked | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/11/07

Most fucked up song ever. Even if Blink 182 sucks, this song is still funny... Blink 182 BLOWS, But this song Rules