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Babyshambles Fuck Forever Lyrics

Last updated: 08/15/2010 11:00:00 AM

It's one and the same
It's one and the same, oh.

So what's the use between death and glory?
I can't tell between death and glory.
Happy endings, no they never bored me.
Happy endings, they still don't bore me.
They, they have a way
A way to make you pay.
And to make you toe the line.
Though I sever my ties.
Because I'm so clever,
But clever ain't wise.

And fuck forever,
If you don't mind.
Oh, fuck forever,
If you don't mind, I don't mind, I don't mind, I don't mind

So what's the use between death and glory?
I can't tell between death and glory.
New Labour and Tory,
Purgatory and happy families.

One and the same,
One and the same,
No, it's not the same.
It's not supposed to be the same.

You know about that way,
The way they'll make you pay,
And, the way, they make, you toe the line.
I'll sever my ties.
Oh I'm so clever,
You're so clever, but you're not very nice.

So fuck forever,
If you don't mind,
Oh, I'm stuck forever,
In your mind, your mind, your mind.

Go ahead and know about that way
To make you feel anxious and make you pay.
To make you toe the line, line.
I sever my ties,
Oh and I'll never,
Sever the ties,

And fuck forever,
If you don't mind,
See I'm stuck forever
I'm stuck in your mind, your mind, your mind, your mind.

They'll never play this on the radio,
No, They'll never play this on the radio.

Demo Version

How d'you choose between death and glory?
How d'you choose between death and glory?
Happy endings don't bore me
Happy endings, they never bored me

They, they have a way
They have a way to make you pay
And to make you toe the line
Sever the ties
Oh I'm so clever
But I'm not very wise
Fuck forever
If you don't mind
I'm stuck forever
Stuck in your mind

How d'you choose between death and glory?
But I musta choose between death and glory?
Between Labour and Tory
Pergatory and happy families

Oh, we won't have a say
We won't have a say, no
We won't have a say
Won't have a say
Oh they'll have a way
They'll find a way to make you pay
And to make you toe the line
Sever the ties
Oh, you're so clever
But you're not very nice
So fuck forever
If you don't mind
Fuck forever
If you don't mind

They, they'll find a way
Find a way to make you pay
And to make you toe the line
Sever the ties
I'm stuck forever
And that is your mind
Fuck forever
I'm out of your mind
Fuck forever

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Absolute Genius | Reviewer: I LOVE PETE! | 12/9/09

Pete is one of the last british ecentrics. He's actually got a view on things as well, not like all those other bands, who don't care about anything but the money. He has style plus fantastic music. All those people who don't even think about the music and just the drugs etc. should just listen to the words of the songs. Fuck Forever is a great track with amazing lyric. (Plus Pete has some interaction with his audience, unlike bigheads like Paul Weller who says nothing to his audience.)

Very honest. | Reviewer: Human Resourses | 8/14/09

I think this is one of the best lyric that ever made in past these years.This is an enlightment and meaningful for people who just follow styles already made by someone or who want to represent new values to the world.That's actually difficult job to be really original and hit the world and get paid well.Babyshambles and Pete rule and they have thier own style for sure but I like the way that they are very honest and this lyric is written in very nice way.I feel it doesn't contain so much negative feelings, not like a teenage pessimistic crap and not like a ghostly hype musician who just make the shit stinks good.Personally, I love Music which people can enjoy dancing at club and help to make people happy and feel connected or share some good vibes but for music with lyric,the song says about universal issue as long as our society encourages rule of capitalism.That's why this song is impressive.

My theme song.... | Reviewer: Bevelover | 12/12/08

...because I work 12 hours a day, hard labor and some days this song is about all that makes sense after 25+ years of this bondage -- to my shattered brain. Drugs ain't the only thing that can fuck with yr head.

Babyshambles forever | Reviewer: Jazz has tears | 5/10/08

Fuck Forever is one of the besr songs by Babyshambles.. its deep, eerie, and PETE DOHERTY well the name speaks for itself... Babyshambles are one of the best bands i have come across

Jazz has tears in her eyes

yeaah | Reviewer: fab' | 1/20/08

this is a song that just stucks in your head!!!even just the melody makes you some kinda happy and the lyrics - if you interprete them - make you think about this whole theme in another way!!and even pete here reminds me of the young kurt cobain!!it's a mixture of some kinda i-am-addicted-to-drugs-feeling and the i-suck-out-all-the-marrow-of-life-feeling... just makes you feel better.... love it, totally love it

if you dont mind | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/08

I just really like that this song infers that people expect everything in their life to be like a fairytale, and it never ends up that way...well it sort of does. and of course who could not love the fuck forever bit...plain and simple and unembellished. love it.

no, he's not a genius, but who cares? if you like the music then does it really matter what he's on and who he's with etc etc? it shouldn't.

overrated | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/23/07

as much as i love babyshambles, this is nowhere near the best british song ever. look at blur, joy division, THE BEATLES, the smiths, new order.. i can go on. as much as i enjoy this song, you're all going over the top.

review for fuck forever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/07

fucking amazing songwriter since morrissey.shame people like lauren dunna get it.and lauren crack is smoked not sniffed derr.if he can make music like this with an arm full of brown i hope he stays a junkie forever.go on pete son your cool as fuck.over and out

what? | Reviewer: Lauren | 11/17/07

I personally don't know how anyone could call this man's music "great" me, he is close to the worst artists i know. He's wasting his life away and then when he sings it sounds like a bunch of slurred lyrics with a decent guitar tune to keep up the beat, but when you actually get to hearing and understanding his lyrics..they don't mean much at all...some songs that are random are good (like cannonball) but this guy is just throwing words together cause they rhyme..if it SOUNDED good that would be one thing, but it sounds, as i said, like he just sniffed a wad of crack ..however this is simply my opinion, i know other people like him i just don't really know how you could..

Top Quality | Reviewer: Aaron | 10/20/07

pete iis a god, his is such a genious he has the song writing skills better than any1 this song proves it, wot a joke, his lyrics are actually so good, FUCK FOREVER