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I can't feel my senses
I just feel the cold
All colors seem to fade away
I can't reach my soul
I would stop running, if i knew there was a chance
It tears me apart to sacrifice it all but I'm forced to let go

Tell me I'm frozen but what can I do?
Can't tell the reasons I did it for you
When lies turn into truth I sacrificed for you
You say that I'm frozen but what can I do?

I can feel your sorrow
You won't forgive me,
but I know you'll be all right
It tears me apart that you will never know but I have to let go

Tell me I'm frozen but what can I do?
Can't tell the reasons I did it for you
When lies turn into truth I sacrificed for you
You say that I'm frozen but what can I do?

Everything will slip away
Shattered peaces will remain
When memories fade into emptiness
Only time will tell its tale
If it all has been in vain

I can't feel my senses
I just feel the cold
But what can I do?

Tell me I'm frozen but what can I do?
Can't tell the reasons I did it for you
When lies turn into truth I sacrificed for you
You say that I'm frozen, frozen...

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Just a little mistake | Reviewer: MisterMistake | 5/29/13

I noticed a slight mistake in the second line of the bridge:
"Shattered peaces will remain" is actually pieces spelled wrong. I reckon it changes quite much the meaning of the part.

frozen | Reviewer: heris | 2/23/12

I like the last text

Tell me I'm frozen but what can I do?
Can not tell the Reasons I did it for you
When lies turn into truth I Sacrificed for you
You say that I'm frozen, frozen ...

very inspiring for us
that we are not to be utilized by others ..

Irony | Reviewer: Lurri Pidragon | 1/20/12

I love this song. I really do; it sounds so sad. But lately I've been singing it as I walk to school in the morning, kind of without realizing it. It's about a 20 minute walk in the bitter, biting cold, and I can't help but laugh when I catch myself singing as my ears go numb. :)

Frozen | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/11

A girl is closing her self into herself, and her boyfriend is telling her that she has to stop, that there are people who care for her, that she's frozen. But she says that yeah, she knows she's frozen, but what can she do about it? She's given up on the world, and she can't tell her boyfriend why, just that she's doing it for him. She's willing to sacrifice herself for him, but she won't tell why.

Frozen | Reviewer: anonymous | 2/13/11

I have been listening to Within Temptation for some time. I am very glad Within Temptation made the song Frozen. The song is about domestic abuse, however, if you view the video you can interpret it in other ways. It is wonderful for a band to reach out to people who may be able to understand it what is going on in the video and relate to it.

FROZEN | Reviewer: Eilidh | 12/18/10

A friend reccomended me to listen to Within Temptation on FanFiction and this was the second song I listened to (the first was Angels). It's an amazing song, and I am now a big fan of Withink Temptation!

why i like this song | Reviewer: Jennifer | 11/20/10

im in my 20s and married. i started to like another guy. I talked to him secretly for awhile but eventually pushed him away because I was married.
We rarely talk now, and i am saddened because i really liked him, i believe if I was single i wouldve fallen in love with him.

I feel so bad, cold hearted because we spent so much time talking and enjoying each others company. And suddenly i ended it.

I miss him and feel so alone inside.

Frozen | Reviewer: Mel287 | 12/9/09

I first watched the video for this song earlier this year.It was the first song of WT i heard.I was recording the program this was on and have revisited this song over and over.Everything about the song and clip came together perfectly.Every time i watch the video i cannot help but cry.After the first listening/viewing i knew from that moment on i was a Within Temptation fan.

meaning of the song Frozen | Reviewer: Monica | 6/29/09

It's about she don't know what to do that somethings calling her which is sacrificing her life. She don't know what to do but she'll sacrifice who she loved, which it was sadness thing to do. She cry that she thought her life is slipped away cause the sad curse she needs to do, she felt it that something's frozen in her mind of her memories. It's starting to haunting her and she's sober that she had to let go everything she had in her life.

I Loved It | Reviewer: Sasukefan#1 | 12/23/08

i luv your song! i added it to my favorites list! it makes me think about the past, when my life was alot better. I have turned goth now and my cousins hardly ever talk to me, but they are always talking to their other friends at school. I just don't feel like i have a heart anymore. That song was they best though.

Frozen | Reviewer: DarkSorceress92 | 12/13/08

i love this song its just so so so amazing.

though i downloaded what i thought was frozen on limewire but its not the song. the lyrics to th one i downloaded are "never look back cause it hurts. my heart is cold. i feel the frost... never look back" if that sounds familiar please tell me what its called coz its annoying me now.

as for frozen i downloaded the actual yesterday was as happy as larry.

though for those of you who have watched the video can someone verify that the man raped his little girl? coz me and my mates are debating....

so relatable | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/08

this song makes me cry, especially when i watch the video. she killed that monster of a man and had to give up her child because she wished to save her, and its just so beautiful and sad at the same time!!!!! within temptation has such great music.

best discovery of my life | Reviewer: cRiStINe | 7/13/08

this song is just...great, but above all, the way she sings it. i completely discovered this group yesterday, i mean, i had heard of them, stand my ground and that but this i was looking for new bands after having exploded evanescence and i found them. i must say they are ... no words. just... cant wait to learn the rest of songs by heart.
from a spanish girl lol

Frozen | Reviewer: Raven | 4/12/08

This song, much like the band WT, is amazing. I love it and listen to it constantly. It seems to reflect part of my personality in part of the chorus["...I'm frozen/But what can I do?/Can't tell the reasons"]. Mainly because on numerous occasions, I have been called heartless, insensitive to trauma, and been told that I "just don't get it" ["it" here having the meaning of being "in love"]. I'd just like to say to those people, and you know who you are: I have damn good reasons for being frozen, so SHUT UP. Very few people will ever know them, so do not ask.
Again, amazing song. Anyone and everyone, listen to this song.
"...I'm frozen
But what can I do?
Can't tell the reasons...
You say that I am frozen
But what can I do?"

Sad and shattering | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/1/08

This is so sad if you really think about it. the music video is shattering too because you actually don't feel sorry for the scum of a man who ends up losing his life. Poor mother and poor child... It's actually oddly satisfying if you listen to "Frozen", then "The Heart of Everything", then "What Have You Done", then "Angels" and add "See Who I Am" somewhere in there (all of these songs are by WT). Sharon seems to know what this is like, she sings it with such emotion. And, OK yes we're ALL fans of Evanescence, but please stop comparing the two. There is no comparison. Amy Lee is more bluesish/r-and-b-ish (Call Me When You're Sober) when she is not busy being Gothic or Emo. Sharon Den Adel is usually Gothic, hardly ever Emo, and is so much more... angry and sad, while occasionally triumphant.

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