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Hawk Nelson From Underneath Lyrics

Last updated: 10/16/2012 02:17:15 PM

From Underneath I wanted you
To see the first thing I ever poured my heart into
You'll never know the pain that I've been through
I'm not so sure you'll ever know
And so I'll make you understand the words that built my life
Were not from you, but from my father's hand

Do you remember that cold day in December
Leaving everything you knew behind
I may never know how it feels to stand beside you
Or take your hand when I need some direction
And I may never know what it's like to see you smile back at me
Or know you'd be proud of me

From underneath I promise to erase the past
And let my heart forgive the former you
Replace the dark of old and start brand new
I never thought I'd see the day
I walk toward the end of life and turn the other way
I'm reaching out to take my Father's hand

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Soundtrack to my life! | Reviewer: Amber | 10/16/12

Both of my parents at different times gave up on me because of their own situations. Its impossible not to love them but its so easy to be mad at them everyday. When i listen to this song it reminds me that even without them i still have a Father who loves me no matter what and will never leave me. Thanks for this song, i love it!!

RAM | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/8/10

Well my father died when I was not even a year old and I try not to think about him and if I do I want to try and be happy. listening to this song I can't help the tear drops that leave my eyes because I never new my father and it's true, I will never know how it feels for him to be proud of me and I will never know how it feels if he were to smile back at me. This song makes me wish that the past had never happened.

Thank you so much | Reviewer: Audrey | 5/5/09

Thank you everytime i hear this song i think of my mom and u may ask why is that well my mom was addicted to drugs and was out of my life and she never wanted me so everytime i listen to this song i think of her so thank you SO MUCH

:) | Reviewer: shelby | 11/11/08

this song has such an impact on my life. i just lost my best friend 2 the works if gossop :( and this song just keeps my head up and lets me know that everything happens for a reason. it will get better because He is in control... thank you <3 shelby

totally freaking amazing | Reviewer: I_love_FROM_UNDERNEATH | 9/17/08

I got the letters to the presiden re-release for my brithday on sunday and I had never heard this song before so I listened to it. It just made me feel so awesome and that God does care even when my life goes wrong or i mess up so bad. i love this song. Hawk Nelson is such an inspiration to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AMAZING!!!! | Reviewer: katie cherry | 7/21/08

i love this song i just found it radomly on youtube i was looking for one of hawk nelson's songs called zero and found this one sister just moved out and i makes me think of thatday she moved out,the day after my grandma's memorial it hit me so hard that i cant even talk to her without crying.......this is a good pick thanks for putting on these lyrics

Tearjerker | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/08

This song really hit home. My dad walked out on my mom and I when I was just a baby, and I spent my entire life hating my father for the shell of a man he was. This song is a constant reminder that I only have one true Father, and he's all I need.

thank you | Reviewer: atom | 1/8/08

i was driving home one night and this song hit me. reminds me of my dad who left us in dec '04. thank you for sharing this song. i love it!

;d | Reviewer: awesome | 9/11/07

i love this song, it reminds me of old times and that now i need to forget and get stronger instead if whining.
HN thank you ;)

From Underneath Review | Reviewer: Ash | 8/10/07

I love this song. Every time I hear it I just can't help but sing along. By far one of my favorite Hawk Nelson songs.

I love this song:] | Reviewer: Lauren | 8/7/07

This song is so great! It's my favorite Hawk Nelson song!

Ok | Reviewer: E | 8/2/07

This song reminds me of Drake Bells car accident in 2005. It makes me sad. It was a heart brakeing moment when he did have the accident. I don't know about you but this songs makes me cry and gives me the creeps.....:(

wonderful | Reviewer: Lesley | 7/17/07

This is an amazing song! I can't believe it's totally my story! This guy had left 2 years ago, and came back just this April, and I'm so happy! I forgave him for the former him, and I love him so much, but I might never get to know what it's like to hold his hand or anything like that. It just reminds me that my prayers...all my prayers...have been answered! I want the world to know I love you Dustin!

I love it! | Reviewer: Mychaela | 7/17/07

This song is so good! i listen to it like, every day! Its so cute!
:) :) :)