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All i know is that Sonny Moore has left the band to start a
solo career, so now it leaves Matt, Travis, Derek, and now

Matt- Vocals/Guitar
Travis- Throat/Guitar
Derek- Growl/Drums
Manning- Dragontap

There are many rumors going around right now about our
band, and we have finally ended up in a position to be able
to share with you what has happened over the last couple
months since the Atreyu Tour fiasco, the cancellation of
the Lost Prophets tour, and our backing out of the Give It
A Name festival.

Sonny Moore has quit the More...

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Review about From First To Last songs
Relief | Reviewer: Lex
    ------ About the song Note To Self performed by From First To Last

Wow you guys were amazing. Sonny, you should really get back to your roots. ;) I forgot how much talent existed a few years ago, seems like most of it got muddled up in-between all the garbage that was popular around that time. Few managed to survive, and eventually the whole genre burned out. I wish your talent was more appreciated, because songs like this dont come around often. This song is deep and honest, two things that simply don't exist in 2014.

Stop looking at this title, look at the comment instead! | Reviewer: Fabulous Dee
    ------ About the song Ride The Wings Of Pestilence performed by From First To Last

Personally, I believe this is a song about hatred and jealousy, and nothing but.
From what I can see, it's about being incredibly jealous of another person, and wishing they could be them; And willing to go as far to see if they wore their skin as a suit, would people like him better as a person.
And they just hate the fact they're popular and happy, and they want to be popular and happy too
But they can only fantasise.

Life a year later | Reviewer: Seth
    ------ About the song Emily performed by From First To Last

I'm back haha, but I just wanted to mention I married my Emily on the beginning of this year. Life's never been for pleasant and perfect. I feels like I written my last response just yesterday. We are very happy and doing well, we also have a little peanut on the way and I couldn't be the happiest women in the world to marry my Emily. This song still reminds me of you. Love you Emily from Seth!:)

awh man | Reviewer: anon
    ------ About the song Afterbirth performed by From First To Last

i kinda know how sonny feels like i have no idea who my real dad is and im stuck with my step dad i don't even like we don't even connect and i don't even know my real dad and when i ask my mom about him she always says ''when you find him stay away from him'' or ''hes a bad man'' it just really sucks knowing i'll never know who my real dad is and my step dad always acts so distant and probably doesn't even like me or my brother .-.

Please get your facts straight | Reviewer: Anonymous (non-)Moderator
    ------ About the song Kiss Me, I'm Contagious performed by From First To Last

Alright, people. We all know Sonny was amazing, but he neither wrote nor hardly sang this song. It was mostly Travis! If you're going to love Sonny, please do it on a different song. Also, if you think the band is better or worse with Sonny, that is merely your opinion and we don't need to argue over it as everyone has a different opinion. Thank you.

yes | Reviewer: derp
    ------ About the song Note To Self performed by From First To Last

i love this song it got me threw hard times at home and at school and all of that crappy school drama i love skrillex/sonny and all that he does and i shall nevar loose faith in this hawt nice cute humble goofball.

You're wrong. | Reviewer: anon
    ------ About the song World War Me performed by From First To Last

This isn't a sexual song, and it's not about bulimia. "Waltz Moore" is about bulimia. "World War Me" is about anorexia. "Let's starve down to the bone"? Anorexics starve. Bulimics purge, they eat and then either puke it up or take laxatives. And Sonny doesn't do "techno", it's dubstep. Learn how to label music, dumbfucks.

    ------ About the song Emily performed by From First To Last

I used to be dating a guy for about 4 months, but I had an emo attack and started cutting myself and he broke up with me </3 I am better now, but I wish I sang this to him when we were together. However I woud have changed the lyrics a bit to suit him.

My Sonny Moore | Reviewer: His 'Emily'
    ------ About the song Emily performed by From First To Last

My 'Sonny Moore' have been together for not even a month. We've been friends for so long. We became close friends when I helped him get out of a relationship with a cheating girl and he helped me report my boyfriend to the police for domestic violence. We admired a mutual liking of each other but nothing happened. Until he asked me out in song. We are states and states apart, but I love him. We could get through anything. I never say love, except t him. Forever and always, baby <3. I love you.

So Relatable | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Waltz Moore performed by From First To Last

I've struggled with many of the same problems as Sonny. An ED, bullying, etc. I understand what each and every lyric is supposed to mean, because I've felt all this stuff. Sonny is an inspiration to me, and I wish this song was, or had been, more popular. I truly believe it could help a lot of people. P.S the reverse message at the end is "I hear church bells and birds singing, and I see a woman getting what she wants."

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