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Alice In Chains Frogs Lyrics

Last updated: 08/31/2011 12:00:00 PM

What does friend mean to you?
A word so wrongfully abused
Are you like me, confused
All included but you

The sounds of silence often soothe
Shapes and colors shift with mood
Pupils widen and change their hue
Rapid brown avoid clear blue

Why's it have to be this way
Be this way(5x)

Flowers watched through wide eyes bloom
A child sings an unclaimed tune
Innocence spins cold cocoon
Grow to see the pain too soon

Why's it have to be this way
Be this way (5x)

"7 am on a Tuesday, in August ...
Next week I'll turn 28...
I'm still young, it'll be me...
Off the wall I scrape... you...
I gotta wake... Show me Your Irate
To cause this wake, Its my fate.
They.....They...Never going to fuck
with me again... My own clean slate... Don't fuck with me again...
I just want to go straight
through you....
makes your eyes dilate...
makes you shake...
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