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Friends of mine don't have the time
For food or wine
Just money is on their minds

Life is sweet
On a one-way street
They're indiscrete
And funny, they'll never meet

(Da doo da doo doo doo doo doo) X 6


I gotta get a two-ton truck
I gotta get a two-ton truck
I gotta get a two-ton truck
I gotta get a two-ton truck
I gotta do it to a duck on a two-ton truck and fade away like Ron Rene
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All right, all right

ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh

You got the magical mystery tour
You got the magical mystery tour
You got the magical mystery tour
You got the magical mystery tour

And Kurt is the Walrus
And Kurt is the Walrus
And the Walrus does funny things to the veins in his left arm, yeah
All right

And Michael is now a father, all right
And Michael is now a proud father, all right
And my good friend Michael is now a proud father
And Michael is now a father, all right
And that means Michael's wife is a mother, all right

Up the thirteen steps of the gallows walked the condemned man
And time passes very quickly when death is near
After having completed the first step, the condemned man knew there were but twelve left
Before he would meet death and his soul would leave his body
And after having completed the thirteen steps the condemned man was met by a giant cloaked figure
And with a quick flick of the wrist the man was dead
And his soul left his body and went down down down
To a place we laughingly refer to as hell
But none of us will ever go there because we're all far too groovy
The man's body was left to rot on the gallows
And a great multitude of black birds came and picked the man's corpse apart
Piece by piece
Limb by limb
Until nothing remained
And his blood melted into the ground below

The gallows was made from a tree created by God
The man's blood dripped into the ground which was created by God
Even the giant cloaked figure which was the man's own end was created by God
Even the man's soul which went down was created by God
Even the black birds which picked the man's corpse apart were created by God

In Flanders Fields the poppies grow
between the crosses row on row
to mark the dead

To Flanders Fields the hippies go
to smoke the poppies there below
and feed their heads

And they're all friends of mine, each and every one of them, no better and no worse
And we'll probably end up down there together when it's all over

And that's why we say

All right, all right, ALL RIGHT
It's, it's all over and it's all right.
It's all over and it's all right.
It's all over and it's all right.
All over, and it's all..

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Get the meaning, yet? | Reviewer: theonewhoknows | 7/7/14

A bunch of hippie junk that came from, unsurprisingly, a junk generation that accomplished nothing except perpetual self indulgence, torn families, and should never be forgiven for dropping their 'love' b.s. for disco and cocaine. "Wasted Generation" indeed. One that practiced the blame game like none before it only to spawn and produce a new generation of idiots who rather than defining themselves, now worship at the altar of b.s. marketed as 'success'. Their music is the same today. Flowers and rainbows and Amazing, Epic Experiences. They too, like their parents, claim a newness and uniqueness and Authentic Originality that is anything but. How can they be blamed? Their middle aged parents in marketing saw the huge numbers of their growing spawn and embued them with a desire to reflect fondly on their gods of rrrrrock and rrrrrollll: hendrix, morrison, and joplin. That's right kids...your parents are living vicariously through you, feeding on your short span of youth because their own is long gone, all the flowers in their hair faded and dry. And they told you and they tell you that you are special for becoming as mad and corrupt as they are.

THAT is the truth pointed at in this song, ironically enough, and just as ironically, you too will miss it.

And these very same hippies, now Botoxing their way to the grave that's just around the cornor, damned this band when they came out with "American Woman". Interesting, no?

So how many ex wives does your daddy have?
Let me guess: He's been born again
and has repented for all those unknown children
spread throughout the land
who are doing doing time in prison
for the sins of your dad
he won't walk the stairs as the condemned man
they will
and that's always been his plan.

Fuck hippies.
Oh already have.

One of my fav song | Reviewer: Jen VST | 7/10/13

I first heard this song when I was a freshman in HS. At first I said it's kinda weird but I like the sound ( not the lyrics at that time coz I can't follow the lyrics). But as time passes by I began singing it myself and fell in love with it until now. I'd rather listen to heavy metal music before than the reggae and rap music of today. This song has been singing in my brain ever since. I even looked for the cd album "Wheatfield Soul" and got one. To my fellow heavy metal music lover, "RIDE ON!"

Happy Day | Reviewer: rmg | 11/1/11

I also have looked for the name of this song for ever. I heard it along time ago when my girlfriend and I use to get into her brothers albums and listen when he was not home. When I would tell people the words "he walked up the thirteen steps of the gallows" and "in flanders fields where poppies grow" they thought I was mad no one that I knew had ever heard or knew what song it was. Thank you.

Bringing back memories....... | Reviewer: Old Hippie | 3/24/10

This came out in my last year of High School, and that was the year that myself and "Friends of Mine" built a pirate radio station in one of the larger midwest cities, where our signal could be heard for 10 miles. This song was banned on all commercial radio stations at the time, so we played it at least once every 2 hours. The original version had one instance of the word "truck" using the F word..... (Such a horrible thing to do) back when my buddies were being killed in Vietnam. I still have the original on a reel to reel tape, if only I had something to play it on.......
The late 60's were the best of all times, except for the war.......

Yes!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Brenda | 3/11/10

Like Sharon, I have also been looking for this song for years! I guess with everything going on back then, it was hard to remember anything. I just heard this song again after all these years on my Sirius radio. That's how I found the title and artist. Great song!!!!

Friends of Mine | Reviewer: Gary | 2/27/10

I have been a big bnig fan of the Guesswho for years. Everytime that I could I would go to see them. Once 10 years ago they were at a small Missouri town at Lake of the Ozark and I went to see them at Millstone Lodge They were great. But they don't get to this area any more.
Good Luck Guesswho in whatever your doing.


They're not The Doors | Reviewer: Jack | 12/2/09

Look, I'm probably the Guess Who's biggest fan, but honestly, I think this "masterpiece," as another reviewer in this thread called it, is a weak attempt to sound like the Doors. I even heard Cummings mention in an interview once that they were "influenced" by the Doors during that time (1968 or so), when "Wheatfield Soul" was released. Don't get me wrong, "Wheatfield Soul" is a fine album, but this isn't it's best track. I like "A Wednesday In Your Garden," "The Pink Wine Sparkles In The Glass," "Lightfoot" (a beautiful tribute to fellow Canadian Gordon Lightfoot), and, of course, the big hit, "These Eyes."

The Guess Who | Reviewer: Patti Gaughan | 4/23/08

I have been trying to find the song that contains part of the Flander Field poem and you provided it with Friends of Mine. Can you tell me what CD I can find the song on now?

I have been looking for years and I am so grateful. Thanks

FINALLY!! | Reviewer: Sharon | 4/23/07

I have been looking for the name of this song and the recording artists for a LONG time, and finally looked in my old and dusty albums and came upon the "Wheatfield Soul" album. I somehow knew that was it, but since I no longer had a turntable, couldn't play it, so, I started looking for the lyrics to the song, and here it is...WHEW!! (And Thanks!!)

These Friends of mine | Reviewer: Lorelei | 4/19/07

I too looked for this song for some time. I was told that the album Wheatfield Soul can be purchased at Gook luck.

Album | Reviewer: nick | 8/30/06

This song is a masterpiece, no doubt, from the album Wheatfield Soul by the Guess Who.

Finally Found it! | Reviewer: Drew | 9/15/05

I have been searching for this song for years. I finally have the words. Does anyone know where I can find an album with this song on it??

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